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    PLO10 is this a fold PF?


    I guess the hand played itself postflop but should I have fold preflop?

    Game # 2326951712 - Omaha High Pot Limit EUR 0.05/0.10 - Table "Kanazawa"

    Players(max 6):
    AaWee (EUR 16.33 in seat 1)
    young46 (EUR 14.19 in seat 2)
    RiverPike (EUR 36.10 in seat 3)
    SerieusP (EUR 9.45 in seat 4)
    _JaCKHeReR_ (EUR 2.00 in seat 6)

    Dealer: SerieusP
    Small Blind: AaWee (0.05)
    Big Blind: young46 (0.10)

    SerieusP was dealt: 6c - 9s - 8h - 8s

    RiverPike Fold
    SerieusP Raise (0.20)
    AaWee Raise (0.65)
    young46 Fold
    SerieusP Call (0.50)

    Flop Ts - Th - 8d

    AaWee Bet (1.50)
    SerieusP Raise (6.00)
    AaWee All-In (14.13)
    SerieusP All-In (2.75)
    AaWee Payback (6.88)

    Turn Ts - Th - 8d - Qc
    River Ts - Th - 8d - Qc - 2c

    AaWee shows: Kh - As - Td - Qh (a full house, Tens full of Queens)
    SerieusP shows: 6c - 9s - 8h - 8s (a full house, Eights full of Tens)

    AaWee wins: EUR 18.05 (with a full house, Tens full of Queens)
    Rake: EUR 0.95

    Game ended 2011-08-10 01:09:10 CEST

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    No, I would call to pf. Its just a cooler.

    You have a nice covered hand with lots of implied odds. Next time when you post a handhistory, leave the results out. This way people can make objective assumptions about the hand.


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    PLo is so tricky preflop, most times if i see two or three larger best i will play garbage, my thinking if they have all the good cards garbage is BOUND to hit

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    No.....the hand is margina but fine pre-flop. Even when you get 3/bet then the hand still plays well to a 3/bet when the game is as short handed as this. You cannot legislate for post flop events when you decide to make your play pre-flop. Your hand will play well short handed in a lot of different situations and if your opponent is aggressive pre then you have an even easier call.

    You have position as well which is massive in PLO. I would be tempted though to utilise your position a little better and make pot sized raises pre-flop because of the stack depth.
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    thats a really good hand to call with, good odds.. i usually look for a medium pair with suited connector or cards that are 1 off from eachother where its not to high at the deep end.

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