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    Wink Announcement: Kindle Winner!

    Hi guys,

    Firstly thank you ALL so very much for sharing your worst hand brag stories with us at RakeTheRake.

    We're kind of wondering why we ran this promo now as we don't really enjoy hearing about our players losing! But hey...

    On that note, we are delighted to announce that the winner of the Worst Hand Brag promotion is slicknick! Reason being we hate to hear of our players losing, especially in such a long running battle; PLUS slicknick you now have the bragging rights over how you've got a free Kindle out of it Happy days.
    slicknick please can you mail marketing@raketherake.com to confirm the postal address that would like the Kindle sent to. Many thanks.

    We were also quite torn between slicknick and swampace's story, so swampace, we're going to send you a RakeTheRake shirt as a runner up prize. Hope this suits. Please let us know what size you would like (L, XL, XXL) and confirm your postal address to marketing@raketherake.com

    Thanks again to everyone who took part.

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    Yay thanks guys an awesome gift for my grandma who has had trouble enjoying her books due to her vision, now with the kindle she can read in large fonts and download books without having to make the drive to the library. You guys are the best!

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    There are no other words to describe that.
    Best wishes


    Skype: rakeback1

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