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Thread: cashout problem

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    cashout problem


    can you help me or rassure me ?

    i asked a withdrawal on 29.11 and this operation is still pending,
    i sent a mail every week, and the answer is always the same, they say they have a little problem with operation, they say they do maximum to release the late operations, but, for me i think it s not serious, i can understand a bug, but more then 4 week it s a crash,

    can you help me ?

    i never saw a problem like this, is this site in critical Financial problem ?

    ty for your help,

    tintinbxl (tintin6767 on euroclub)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tintinbxl View Post

    can you help me or rassure me ?
    Everything should be fine tintinbxl,

    It's no secret that Cake/Euroclub have had some cashflow issues since the network was restructured but they are working towards fixing this and paying everyone.
    Some people have been waiting a few months so your 4 weeks is nothing to worry about. It is not great for sure, but i am confident that you will get paid out in time.
    Best wishes


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