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Thread: Getting 3/bet

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    Getting 3/bet

    I would just like to ask the members how they handle getting 3/bet after raising from the hijack and cut-off by the button? What is your standard default line? Are you folding your weakest hands or tightening up your opening range or are you 4/betting with the very top of your range only?

    Also how often do you flat the 3/bet and then look to perhaps take them off the pot post flop. It seems that 3/betting is standard now from position and so if you are multi-tabling then it probably makes more sense just to reduce your opening range........just wondered what others do????
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    You have to reduce your opening range for sure. Then it depends a lot on the limit. On microlimits, i think 4betting light vs button is very profitable because their range is always polarized and they will not shove 96s. On low stakes regs are more prone to shoving over your 4bet and their 3betting range is not necessarily polarized. So there I am much more likely to 4bet/stack off with 88+, AJs+,AQo+ and laugh when i see 96s.

    I am also a big fan of calling 3bets OOP. I prefer to do it with suited broadways or strong unsuited broadways like AJ,AQ,KJ,KQ. Its a hard move to execute and takes a long time to master as there a lot of situational factors etc.

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