I play here since middle october . I played before on other skins from ipoker but before they separate the field , and when was traffic on 6 max sng.

Ok...so becouse i play often double or nothing , this is the game that i played here becouse is no other sng that you could play there than DON and Jackpot sng .

I am good on DON s and i have a really good strategy and a nice profit on other poker rooms.But what is happening on this ipoker skin is unbelieveble.

I cant win a hand against fishes , i understand to have a bad run but my graphic in 600 games is going down and down and only in down.Rake is also big but at least breackeven .

this skin makes me to talk alone in house is unbelieveble what is going on here.Two days ago before this rake race it was ok - no bad beat .Since is this rake race again no winning hand.I truely believe that is something in the middle with those jurks from ipoker.

Is someone who playes any kind of sng and he is on + ? what kind of sng?