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    Intertops closed to UK players?

    Hi everyone and particularly the anyone from RakeTheRake who can help me,

    I'm a recreational player in the UK who has been playing on Intertops - via RakeTheRake - for a couple of years now. When I tried to log onto Intertops poker a couple of nights ago, I got an error message that suggested my account had been locked out. So I made enquiries with the Live Support and was told my account had been deactivated and that the Intertops admin team would look into the issue for me and respond by email soon.

    So, I waited a couple of days and checked my email and found this:

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you for choosing Intertops.

    Thank you for contacting us regarding the error you received yesterday when trying to login into your poker account.

    We regret to advise, due to regulation changes in your location, we are not accepting UK players at this time; therefore your account will remain closed. This decision was made by Management and their decision is final.

    We humbly apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, in regards to your account balance, we are more than happy to pay you. Please be advised that we have sent a request to our Payments Team to have your balance sent to you.

    We wish you the best in your online game experience.

    Elroy S.
    Intertops Customer Support

    I can't say that I follow online poker registration closely but I was surprised to find that Intertops are no longer accepting UK players. Am I the only regular reader of this forum to be affected?

    If Intertops say I can't play there anymore, so be it. But as, I enjoyed my time playing there and will be sad to leave, I'd like to just be 100% certain that this isn't some mistake..?

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashFish View Post
    Hi everyone and particularly the anyone from RakeTheRake who can help me,......

    Any help would be appreciated...
    Hi FlashFish

    Yep we checked and I am afraid it's the case.

    Seems like it might be time to choose another room (with RTR of course )

    You can get some good deals on iPoker at the moment via Betfair, Coral, a free $50 at WH etc
    Or also some good deals on Microgaming

    You can see all the offers here


    Hope that helps
    Best wishes


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