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    Ladbrokes rakeback and how it works.

    Hi guys, i've been told to check this out as it could beneficial to me.

    A few questions, that i'm not quite grasping...

    I am currently earning 33% back on ladbrokes & you get this back with the ladbrokes points scheme, you can later convert into £$. With the "upto 35%" as advertised. Is this a totally different 35% that RTR would give back to you on their site?

    If this is the case, do I need to put in xx amount of hands or is there a cap on how much rakeback i can get through RTR. Will this be put into my LB account or do i have to somehow transfer it from RTR ?

    TY in advance.


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    Hi Jay,

    The deal we offer is the same deal as is available through Ladbrokes directly but with the addition of our $55k race promotion and any other exclusive promotions we may run in future.
    Iím assuming, based on the VIP structure at Ladbrokes you are on VIP 6 legend status and converting £250 when you cash in. If you are doing this monthly then youíll be raking approximately $1200. If you look at the July race here, youíll see that you would have received about $80 -$85 extra on top of your rakeback.
    Best wishes


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