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    Question for RAKETHERAKE

    EDIT - My question was answered through email, disregard this thread, thanks

    I just made a post a few minutes ago and it was deleted, however, that's not my problem. I have a legit question I would like to receive assistance on. I received an amount of rakeback for 4$ and wanted to see how long it took for it to enter my account. Mind you, it's my first time receiving rakeback so I'm new to this. The 4$ didn't transer, but I continued to played more tables the next day. My stats didn't update, so I figured it would update the next day. The next day I check and my rakeback has now gone from 4$ to 0$. Is this normal? I just wanna make sure is all. Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

    Thank you
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    Hiya JRC

    We sent you an email etc. explaining

    Basically it said that the fastest way to resolve those sorts of issues are to use the support function to contact our team here and they will try to help you.

    They know more about this stuff than me.
    Best wishes


    Skype: rakeback1

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