By Carbon Poker - "Earlier this year, Greg Raymerís image took a big hit when he was busted in a North Carolina prostitution sting. The 2004 WSOP Main Event champ showed up to a Wake Forest hotel hoping to get lucky; but the only kinky action he got was being put in handcuffs and stuffed into a police cruiser.

Fortunately for Raymer, embarrassment and humiliation are the only serious consequences to come out of this matter because charges have been dropped against him. According to TMZ, he got the charges dropped by serving 75 hours at a non-profit organization.

But as alluded to before, the 49-year-oldís reputation did suffer a major hit following his arrest. This is especially the case when you consider that court documents allege the sex act Raymer wanted to perform with the prostitute was an ďabominable and detestable crime against nature.Ē

Further complicating matters for the poker pro is that heís married with kids. So he had to face his family following this whole ordeal, which is as big of a punishment as anything. Of course, other poker players have done worse than trying to solicit a hooker, so hopefully Raymer can put this matter all behind him at some point.

Aside from winning the WSOP Main Event and $5 million, he is also famous for capturing four Heartland Poker Tour titles within a six-month span. The fact that he won a record four HPT titles is impressive enough Ė let alone that he managed this feat in six months! Some of Raymerís other accomplishments include finishing 25th in the 2005 WSOP ME ($304,680), taking runner-up in the 2009 WSOP 40th Anniversary tournament ($774,927) and accumulating $7,422,988 in overall tourney winnings."

Poker Champion Arrested In Prostitution Sting - YouTube