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    PokerStar account frozen because of someone else issues

    I have an account with PokerStars just few months ago. I know some other players who also have account with PokerStars. We often gather together to my place, a boarding house with more than 10 tenants, to play Pokertars and sharing experience to each others. we have about 6 different computers that belong to this boarding house. Therefore we sometimes share these computers. Resulting in our accounts had been frozen because PokerStars suspicious our accounts were operated by one person. Then I had to send my Photo Id to support so my account can be reinstated. But not too long, just one week later, now my account is frozen again because one of member in our group has an outstanding issues with PokerStars. I have contacted this member and know that this outstanding issue is because he was using his wife master card to funding his account, now he had to validate this credit card to PokerStars...
    I fell that I were treated very unfair, my account been frozen just because of knowing someone who have some issues with PokerStars.
    I searching for assistant, anyone who have any idea what I should do, or who I should contact to settle this matter since PokerStars Support & Security won't help me.
    Many thanks in advance!

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    Im not an authority on this so my words don't carry much weight.

    you have to wait until pokerstars security investigate this.
    Playing in a communal place with lots of computers a people sharing is asking for trouble, i think you know this.

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    lol i saw u post somewhere before.u play in same place, same site,same tourney i presume and
    dont share informations(slow play)?

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    Seriously, you would have to be CRAZY to use a computer with 10 others in a boarding house and expect no problems with your poker account.
    If you cannot secure your account or ip get your own computer or dont play!.

    Poker Stars did exactly what they should have done.

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