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    New Poker Player Club


    Just wanted to ask about New Poker Player Club introduced from 2nd this month. Are raketherake players affected by these changes or we still have 30% rakeback if we rake a minimum $50 in the week?


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    Some slight changes, but at the end of the day you still get 30% for a min of $50 rake in the qualifying week.

    You now have the facility to cash in 10% of your rake at any time via the SJ points button. You can either save these points up and cash them in or cash them in as you go...

    This means that the payment made on Thursdays will be 20% of the rake (subject to the $50 min requirement), with the other 10% available to you through cashing in your points. So you will always get 30% as long as you are raking the min $50 weekly.

    You earn 500 points in a qualifying week (Equiv. $50 in rake)
    You can cash the points in for $5 and we'll also pay you $10 on Thursday
    Total RB $15 (30%)

    You earn 5000 points in a qualifying week (Equiv $500 rake paid)
    Your points are worth $50 which you can cash in anytime.
    Then the rake back on Thursday would be $100
    Total RB $150 (30%)

    Hope this clears up any confusion.

    All the best


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