InterPoker – A New Flip Mino for ALL RTR Players – Exclusive to RTR

ALL New and Existing RakeTheRake Players at InterPoker in August and September 2008 can win a new Flip Mino worth $120.

Dates of Promotion:

New Players: 1st August 2008 to midnight on the 30th September 2008

Existing Players: 1st August 2008 to midnight on the 31st August 2008

How to qualify for this promotion:

  • New Players: You must sign up to InterPoker through RakeTheRake between August 1st 2008 and September 30th and earn 1000 MPP’s before Midnight GMT on September 30th 2008
  • Existing Players: You must have an InterPoker account through RakeTheRake and earn 3500 MPP’s in August 2008.

You can earn MPPs as follows:

Cash Games

One (1.00) My Poker Point (MPP) is earned by playing a hand in which the rake reaches 1 unit ($/£/€). One-Quarter (0.25) MPP is earned by playing a hand in which the rake reaches 0.25 units, but is below 1 unit.

Tournaments and SnGs

3 MPPs will be awarded for each unit of tournament fee paid! For example.

If you enter a £66 + £6 SIXPAC tournament you will receive 18 MPPs


If you win a Flip Mino, it will be sent out to you in either September or October 2008 (depending on the month the requirement is met) direct from InterPoker.

Players based outside of the EU will receive the cash equivalent of the Flip Mino in to their InterPoker account – InterPoker has stated that this amount will be $120. This amount will be transferred on or before the 15th Sept / Oct (depending on the month the requirement is met).

For more information about the Flip Mino and its accessories visit the Flip website here

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