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Jason Mercier Leaving Team PokerStars – Reasons Include Family & Travel Schedule

Famed poker pro Jason Mercier has announced his decision to leave Team PokerStars. This makes Mercier the second player behind Vanessa Selbst to part ways with the world’s largest poker site. But unlike Selbst, Mercier isn’t retiring from the game. Let’s discuss why the 5-time WSOP champion has chosen to leave his sponsor along with Mercier’s plans for the future. Family Life Takes Center Stage for Mercier Jason Mercier wrote about his decision to leave PokerStars on his blog at the site. And he offered an in-depth look at his family life in the early portion of this post. He …

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Vanessa Selbst Retires from Poker – Cites Traveling & Increased Competition

Vanessa Selbst is widely regarded as the best female poker player of all time. But the 33-year-old poker pro has decided to retire from the game at a young age. Selbst will also give up her sponsorship deal with PokerStars, which she’s been representing for nearly a decade. Selbst explained her reasons for the leaving the game in a Facebook post, sounding grateful for what poker has given her. But she also listed a number of factors that made her step away from the game that she’s enjoyed for the past 12 years. Let’s discuss her different reasons for quitting …

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Gus Hansen Playing More Tournaments in 2018 – Says 2008 Poker Book Hurt his Game

Gus Hansen was one of the most recognizable faces during the poker boom. He was featured on several poker TV shows, and also gained fame through winning major tournament titles. The Great Dane hasn’t been as visible in the poker world lately. But this might change in 2018, because Hansen plans to play more tournaments next year. Let’s discuss what he recently said about his poker tournament schedule, along with how Hansen thinks that his 2008 poker book hurt his success rate. Expect to See Hansen in More Poker Tournaments Next Year It’s been years since Gus Hansen has played …

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Guernsey Repaying £9.5m from Ray Bitar’s Fraudulent Full Tilt Funds

Guernsey has agreed to give the United States £9.5 million stemming from laundered Full Tilt Poker funds. Raymond Bitar, ex-CEO of Full Tilt, laundered the money through the Channel Island of Guernsey. Bitar pleaded guilty to defrauding Full Tilt players out of £261m ($350m). However, he gave just £29.8m ($40m) of this amount to US authorities. Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, has now given the US Department of Treasury a total of $14.3m (£10.6m) relating to the Full Tilt scandal and a separate case. Guernsey Keeping Half the Full Tilt Funds According to the BBC, Guernsey’s offshore industries …

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How a High Stakes Poker Tourney Saved an Entrepreneur’s Business

Niko Karstikko was a struggling entrepreneur who was running out of money. He’d started an app called Sportsetter, which is described as the “Uber for fitness.” However, it was failing to catch on with investors. But he changed his fortunes three years ago in a high stakes poker tournament at a Finish startup conference. “We were running on fumes after a failed investment round earlier that year [2014],” said Karstikko. “The short version of the story is that even though the papers were signed, the money never showed up. “I was running a team of 15 people, and we were …

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How Partypoker Took Down a Massive Collusion Ring

Collusion has been present since online poker’s early days. Luckily, poker sites and/or players are usually good enough to sniff out collusion and bring the cheating to light. Just recently, partypoker uncovered a major collision ring thanks to the help of a TwoPlusTwo poster named “FarseerFinland.” FarseerFinland posted his take on a “huge collusion ring in high-stakes MTTs at partypoker.” Thanks to his detective work, Partypoker was able to take down the fraudulent ring and ban the guilty parties. Let’s discuss the details of this story along with how the offenders were busted. FarseerFinland’s First Experience with the Colluders FarseerFinland …

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4 Keys to Always Playing Your Best Poker

Poker features a great deal of skill. And if you’re not on top of your game, then you won’t play your best and maximize your potential winnings. This is why playing your A-game is so important. After all, making a few mistakes here or there takes a chunk out of your bankroll. But how do you bring your A-game to the table every time? Let’s find out by discussing 4 keys that will help you play your best in each session. 1. Only Play when You’re Mentally Focused One of the biggest problems that I had when starting out in …

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Have Bots Destroyed Online Poker? Dan Cates Doesn’t Think So

Online poker bots have steadily improved over the past decade. And this culminated in Libratus defeating a team of elite poker pros earlier this year. Perhaps players wouldn’t be so worried if bots were relegated to competitions, like Libratus and another famous AI called Claudico. But more successful bots are finding their way onto internet poker felts. Does this mean that bots will soon infest online poker and ruin the game? High stakes pro Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates doesn’t think so. Speaking with Paul Phua Poker, Cates says that enough people are still playing bad poker despite the wealth of poker …

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Phil Ivey Loses £7.7m Edge Sorting Case – What Will He Do Now?

For five years, Phil Ivey has been battling Crockfords casino over £7,700,000 in baccarat winnings. And the famed gambler recently lost his appeal, with the UK Supreme Court ruling in favor of the London casino. Crockfords promised Ivey that they would wire his winnings in October 2012. But they instead withheld the money and reviewed their security footage. Crockfords only returned Ivey’s original £1 million stake after discovering that he used an advantage-play technique called edge sorting. Let’s discuss more on why Ivey didn’t receive his winnings along with his current options after losing this big case. UK Supreme Court …

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WSOP Europe will Decide if Chris Ferguson Wins POY – Negreanu, Others Not Playing

Chris Ferguson holds a slim lead In the WSOP Player of the Year standings. That said, the 2017 WSOP Europe will decide who officially takes the POY award. The WSOP Europe will feature 11 bracelet events. This gives players like Ryan Hughes and John Racener an opportunity to catch up to Ferguson. Much of the race was decided in the 70-plus tournaments that took place in the WSOP Las Vegas. However, there are still several players who have a realistic chance at beating Ferguson for the POY trophy. Here’s a look at the current standings: Chris Ferguson – 898.46 points …

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