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Aashish is Exposed!

Like many others, we’ve covered the story that did the rounds recently concerning the alleged legal proceedings in India so that 8 year old Aashish Nanak from Chandigarh could claim his 22,912,500.38 Indian Rupees ($500,000 dollars!)  winnings from playing an online poker game.  And we smelt a slight odour of rat from the start! The idea that an eight year old could bypass the strict protocols on any online gambling site was very unlikely.  It’s certainly not possible to do without eventually being rumbled at www.raketherake.com or any number of the poker sites we recommend.  While the story does have …

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8-year-old battles Online Gaming Giant! for $500,000 winnings

The case against 8 year old Aashish Nanak from Chandigarh who won 22,912,500.38 Indian Rupees, (that’s a life changing $500,000 dollars!) playing an online poker game, started today in New Delhi. Lawyers acting for the Nanak family are battling to secure the money that would allow the family of twelve to move out of their slum dwelling into a new home and a new life. Aashish’s mother Mrs Nanak said “Aash has always loved the internet and computers he started his own web pages when he was only four years old, he is a very clever boy” Aashish has been …

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