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Dealt Rakeback vs. Shared Rakeback

One common misconception in the online poker world is that dealt rakeback and shared rakeback are interchangeable. However, the reality is that these two types of rakeback are not the same, and the difference could have a big impact on you, depending on your playing style. So in order to clear up any confusion among online poker players, here’s a quick look at dealt rakeback vs. shared rakeback. Dealt Rakeback – With dealt rakeback, every player who is dealt into a hand is credited with an equal share of the rake. For example, if 10 players are dealt into a …

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Beginners Poker Strategy

Whether you’re new to online poker or not, chances are that you know the game involves plenty of skill. And the more measures you take to learn poker strategy before visiting the cyber felt, the better the chances that you’ll be successful in online poker from the start. Keeping this in mind, here are some things you should do in terms of beginners poker strategy to make sure your early poker days go smoothly. 1) Be Selective in the Hands you play – The most important beginners poker tip is to be selective in the hands you play preflop. Sure …

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Poker Cashback Basics

If you pay much attention to credit card companies, then you’ve probably heard of a “cashback” offer. Even if you doze off during credit card commercials, the term’s name is pretty self-explanatory in that people receive money back on purchases with these offers. Many online poker sites have taken a cue from credit card companies, and now feature their own version of cashback plans. With poker cashback, players receive money back at various intervals based on how much rake they contribute. For example, if a player at Carbon Poker has a 10% cashback offer, and they contribute $100 in rake …

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Beginners Poker Training at RakeTheRake

When a person starts out in online poker, learning strategy can become a blur. After all, there are tons of different concepts and levels of poker strategy one must master before becoming a complete player. But if you’re looking to overcome the initial beginners poker barrier and develop into a great player faster, watching poker training videos definitely helps speed up the process. If you’re interested in playing better online poker by watching training videos, a good place to start is RakeTheRake. When you create a free RakeTheRake account you can also sign up for free training at DragTheBar. Seeing …

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