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Peter Eastgate’s Bracelet sells for $147,500

A few days ago, we broke the poker news that 2008 WSOP* Main Event champion Peter Eastgate was selling his gold bracelet on eBay to benefit UNICEF.  Adding further interest to the story, Party Poker pro Tony G released a statement saying that he wanted to win the bracelet so he could make a dog collar out of it.  The controversial casino poker player also said that he fully expected to win the bracelet, and the bidding wouldn’t break $17,500 (bidding started at $16,000). It looks like Tony G was wrong on both accounts since bidding skyrocketed the bracelet price …

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Players Already Attempting to beat Phil Laak’s Endurance Record

It’s only been three months since Phil Laak broke the poker endurance record at the Bellagio Casino.  He managed to play poker for 115 straight hours, which destroyed the old record of 72 hours set by Paul Zimbler.  At the end of his poker hands, Laak was in pretty bad shape and was extremely tired.  So it would take a monumental effort to beat Laak’s record for the most time spent at the poker table along with plenty of courage. Interestingly enough, 80 players from New Zealand are up to the challenge of trying to break Laak’s record.  The group …

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Poker Players to Play on Top of Mountain

The world of poker is filled with plenty of exciting and fascinating venues.  In fact, every poker room offers its own bit of character to players, which sometimes makes the experience just as good as the actual game.  Apparently though, regular poker rooms aren’t good enough for two UK residents as they’ve decided to play poker on a mountain top instead.  Conor Toner and Paul Brady of Portsmouth plan on playing poker games at the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales.  Both of these guys are managers at casinos in Portsmouth, and they want to climb the 1,085-foot Mt. Snowdon …

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