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Poker’s Shakerchi invests £30m into Smartphone Fuel Cells

Posted on by RTR Dennis

High-stakes poker player and hedge fund manager Talal ‘raidalot’ Shakerchi has just made a £30 million investment into Intelligent Energy. This British company seeks to provide a unique innovation to smartphones by replacing the batteries with hydrogen fuel cells. Let’s continue discussing how Intelligent Energy could revolutionize the smartphone industry as well as make Shakerchi even richer than he already is. We’ll also take a quick look at raidalot’s poker career, which has gone well for an amateur. Designing Fuel Cells for Apple Currently, Intelligent Energy are supplying portable generators for mobile masts in India, which needs the generators to …

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Weekly Flop: Coren’s Win Great for Poker, Poker Sexism Debate intensifies, Jedlicka Returns

Posted on by RTR Dave

Vicky Coren Mitchell is the first two-time EPT champion in history, and everybody involved with the game should be excited…Coren Mitchell’s win has interesting timing, given that a recent CardPlayer piece is re-igniting the firestorm over poker sexism…Once thought to be one of those has-been high stakes players, Niki Jedlicka is showing that the game hasn’t passed him by. Check out some of poker’s hottest stories in the Weekly Flop. Vicky Coren Mitchell makes History and Headlines with Second EPT Victory From writing for internationally known newspapers to directing a porno, Vicky Coren Mitchell leads a very interesting life. So …

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RakeTheRake Player Wins EPT London

RakeTheRake member David Vample beat a record number of 848 players to become the new EPT London Main Event Champion, seizing a remarkable £900,000. After an extensive 6 days Vample, who has only played poker professionally for 12 months, found himself on the final table of the biggest live poker tournament ever held in the UK. Vample’s victory was even sweeter as defeated WSOP* bracelet winner and Full Tilt Pro John Juanda in a heads up, despite Juanda having chip lead of over 14,000,000. Here is how the final table played out: 1 David Vamplew   UK   £900,000 2 John Juanda  USA  £545,000 …

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The Ladies Take the Lead

We’ve all heard of ladies night but it seems like the poker championship playing field of 2010 might be shaping up to be ladies year. For starters, the NBC Heads Up Championship spot was taken home by Annie Duke who may have been inspired by her fellow heroine Vanessa Rousso’s runner-up finish the year before. Early April saw Liv Boeree take it all in the EPT San Remo which featured the largest EPT main-event field in all of the competition’s history; and last but certainly not least, Vanessa Selbst did some serious damage to the competition at the NAPT Mohegan …

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Volcanic Eruption Spells Disaster for Airline Companies and a Bail-biting Dash for the European Poker Tour

Very few people ever dream of having their lives disrupted in one way or another by a volcano on the rampage. Now, thanks to a rather tempestuous volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier (yes, that’s a name) in Southeast Iceland, air traffic all over Europe has been grounded by massive amounts of volcanic ash in the atmosphere. As a result, millions of tourists are stranded in countries the world over while the airline business is staggering under the weight of countless hotel bills, grounded flights, loss of revenue and other conundrums such as: what to do with a million disgruntled passengers? …

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PokerStars MicroMania is Perfect for Micro Stakes Players

Posted on by RTR Rachel

If most of the poker hands you play involve small pots, then you will love MicroMania at PokerStars!  MicroMania will take place in July, and is specifically dedicated to people who play at the micro stakes poker tables.  Assuming you play micro stakes cash poker games, you will get 50% more VIP points in these rooms during MicroMania.  The offer stands for holdem poker tables that are between the $0.05/$0.10 and $0.10/$0.20 stakes.  Poker tournament players can also benefit from MicroMania because PokerStars will be adding $1,000 to the prize pool of select $1.10 No-Limit Hold’em tournaments.  To find these …

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Fakinle wins UKIPT Killarney

Posted on by RTR Victoria

Most of the top poker pros such as Ultimate Bet player Phil Hellmuth and Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey are in Las Vegas competing in the WSOP*.  But PokerStars is trying to make sure that people have other options for winning big money with their UK and Ireland Poker Tour. The most recent stop on the UKIPT was at Killarney where 253 players competed in the Main Event poker tournament for thousands of Euros.  The most notable players in the tourney included PokerStars online poker pro Julian Thew, UKIPT Nottingham champion Andrew Couldridge, and UKIPT Coventry champ Gilles Augustus.  …

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Take Your Winnings Home the Right Way.

Earlier this year, masked gunmen robbed the EPT Berlin tournament series. The robbers, who were later identified, were able go make off with over $300,000 from the EPT Berlin tournament funds. Apparently, immediately after making off with the money the criminals divided it amongst themselves and went their separate ways. This is not to say that they wouldn’t meet up again, but later it would be in much less desirable conditions behind a view of metal bars. The four robbers were identified by police and their pictures were released to the public. Names of the criminals were also released as …

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Armed Robbers make a guest appearance at The European Poker Tour.

Posted on by RTR Susannah

The cameo appearance cost over £720,000! A European Poker Tour competition that was taking place in Germany was interrupted early this year when armed gunman came through to the floor and in true wild west fashion pulled out their guns and took off with the prize from the tournament. The gunmen took off with over £720,000 while the TV cameras were live on air. Luckily nobody was killed or critically injured during the robbery. The German security force did very little to hinder the robbers’ operation. Poker used to be played in dangerous atmospheres like this years ago back in …

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Millionaire Poker Player Quits

Michael McDonald is one of the best poker players in the world….or at least was one of the best.  McDonald’s career is seemingly at an end after he announced through his blog that he will no longer be playing live or online poker anymore.  In the blog, McDonald stated that he knew few people outside of the players he had met through Internet poker or at live poker tournaments.  McDonald wrote the following in his blog, “I think in all honesty I should be a fairly interesting person given the amount of time, resources, experience and opportunities I have but …

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