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Free Poker Training when you rake just $1 with RakeTheRake!

Posted on by RTR Dave

Did you know that RakeTheRake offer free poker training to all thier players every single month? And that it’s available every single month with over 97% of RakeTheRake’s rakeback deals, including Cake Poker, Party Poker, High Pulse Poker, Sky Poker, Paddy Power and almost every other room? In fact players can rake as little as $1 to unlock free poker training with every single rakeback deal except PokerStars. New RakeTheRake players only have to rake $1 at any poker room to get a full 30 days of free DragTheBar poker training. After that, any player raking $100 or more per …

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Learn Poker: RakeTheRake’s Guide to Keeping your Winnings

Posted on by RTR Dave

It’s all too common for online poker players – especially those who are fairly new to the game – to win a big tourney or collect a large wad of poker cash from a good run of games, get over-confident, and then almost immediately lose it all playing stakes and levels that they aren’t ready for. Sound familiar? It comes as no surprise that online poker players are more inclined to gamble – and it’s all too easy to take some poker winnings and lose them on sports bets, casino games, virtual horse-racing etc. Several sites now incorporate online poker …

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Passwords to the RakeTheRake facebook freerolls

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Simply ‘Like’ our facebook page and you’re guaranteed to receive our facebook posts containing the passwords and tourney IDs for our PokerStars and Cake Poker freerolls this coming weekend. All RakeTheRake players and friends of RakeTheRake on facebook are welcome 🙂 Freeroll entry details will be posted on our facebook page on the day of each tournament. Whether you want one a top rakeback deal, to learn poker or to benefit from free poker training, it’s all on offer at RakeTheRake.

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Get instant updates on RakeTheRake facebook freerolls at PokerStars

Posted on by RTR Susannah

‘Like’ our facebook page to ensure you receive the latest posts about our facebook freerolls this coming weekend. RakeTheRake has set up two freerolls this weekend in the PokerStars lobby which all our online players and facebook friends can play. 🙂 Entry details for the freerolls will be posted on our facebook page on the day of each tournament. Visit raketherake.com to learn poker, grab some free poker training or hone your poker strategy now!

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And more facebook poker freerolls from RakeTheRake

Continuing our series of facebook freerolls, we at RakeTheRake have another couple for you on Saturday 5 May and Sunday 6 May.  Home to the best rakeback deals, promotions and free poker training, we’re offering our players and friends of our facebook page the chance to play free next weekend – www.facebook.com/RTRRakeback Ensure you ‘like’ our facebook page so that our posts show up instantly on your own facebook wall. The freerolls were immensely popular so be first to get the password posts and a place in the game! Entry details will be posted at www.facebook.com/RTRRakeback on the day of …

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Learn Poker with free poker training from DragTheBar

Posted on by RTR Dave

Whether you want to learn poker from the basics up, or you just feel as if your game could do with some tweaking and polishing, one of the best things any smart poker player can do is take advantage of RakeTheRake’s free poker training with DragTheBar. DragTheBar’s poker training provides: 30 professional poker coaches; no obligation to provide payment details for the trial; and 40 new videos uploaded every month (including i-pod compatibility), contributing to a growing library of over 1,000 poker videos covering No Limit Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, Sit ‘n’ Go’s, and Multi-Table Tourneys. You can learn poker with …

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Free Poker Training can build your Bankroll

When it comes to investing in poker training, some players are wary of doing so because it costs money. After all, you don’t get the top online poker players to release videos of their strategy for free! But there are ways for players to take advantage of free poker training, which can go a long way towards building your bankroll. For instance, RakeTheRake is currently giving players the chance to get free poker training at DragTheBar, which is one of the top training sites in the game. DTB features 30 professional coaches, and their video library has well over 1,000 …

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DragTheBar Coach reveals Micro Stakes Secrets

Canadian poker pro Nathan “Blackrain79” Williams is the biggest micro stakes winner in PokerStars history. In fact, he has pulled in $30,000 in profits while playing the $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05 stakes alone. This being said, it’s no wonder why Williams is one of the most popular coaches at DragTheBar, where players can get free poker training through RakeTheRake. In regards to Williams’ record micro stakes profits, he was quoted as saying, “I guess (people were impressed) because no one was playing as many hands as I was and getting such high win rates. And people just thought it was crazy.” …

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Carbon Poker Reload Bonus and Quad Pyramid

Carbon Poker is yet another online poker site that’s come into the New Year with renewed vigor since they’re offering a couple of big promotions in January. Current members can take advantage of a reload bonus, while both new and existing players will enjoy the Quad Pyramid promotion. Here’s a brief look at the specifics of each promo: Reload Bonus – If you deposit before January 15th, 2012 (23:59 server time), you can get a 10% up to $30 reload bonus. The only stipulation is that you have to be an existing Carbon Poker member, and use the “FRESHSTART” bonus …

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New RPM Poker Promotions in January

If you want to ring in the New Year right, RPM Poker is a great place to do so since they’re offering several big promotions in January. Getting right into the new RPM Poker promotions, Knowledge January gives players the opportunity to win a free poker training membership at SharkScope and/or LeggoPoker. You must opt-in to play for free poker training at both of these sites, and the SharkScope membership requires that you play 750 SNG’s with $2.20 buy-ins or more. As for the LeggoPoker membership, you need to play 15,000 real money poker hands (any stakes) throughout January. Players …

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