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Grab a $25 Bonus in Full Tilt’s Take 2 promotion

Full Tilt is once again running its Take 2 promotion – a favourite with players for the opportunity to grab a $25 poker bonus and the chance to earn double Full Tilt points. The promo runs from April 8th to April 17th and enables Tilt players to accumulate their Full Tilt points every day to earn their $25 bonus and double points. Players need to play a minimum of either two standard ring-game tables simultaneously or any Rush Poker cash-game table. The bonus will work on levels: Any players earning five Take 2 bonus points on any five days will …

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Spend $2 to play for $100k in Big Little Tournament

How much would you expect to pay in order to play for a $100,000 prize pool? $100? $200? At most online poker rooms, this is exactly what you’ll pay. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to make it to the $100,000 poker tournament through a freeroll or satellite. Of course, at Full Tilt Poker, you can bypass all of the satellites and expensive buy-ins by playing in their Big Little Tournament. The Big Little Tournament only costs $2 + $0.20 to play in, and you’ll be able to compete for the aforementioned $100k prize pool. Of course, if …

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Be an Iron Man at Full Tilt Poker

You don’t have to play poker for 115 hours straight like Phil Laak just to be a poker iron man. In fact, all you really have to do to be an iron man is log a few hours in at Full Tilt Poker. Assuming you play enough at Full Tilt, you’ll qualify for the Iron Man Challenge and be in line for lots of cash, freeroll tournament entries and Iron Man medals. To qualify for the Iron Man Challenge, you just need to hit the poker tables and start playing. As you accumulate Full Tilt Points, you’ll advance up the …

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Full Tilt Poker has $16,000 Aussie Millions Prize Packages

After offering a $7,460,000 prize pool last year, the Aussie Millions is easily the biggest casino poker event in the Southern Hemisphere.  And Tyron Krost was certainly glad to be a part of this poker tournament in 2010 when he took the $2 million top prize!  Obviously there is a lot of money involved in the Aussie Millions and if you’d like to play poker for this enormous amount of cash, you should visit Full Tilt Poker.  Full Tilt is currently giving away $16,000 prize packages for the Aussie Millions where $10,000 goes towards the Main Event buy-in, and the …

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Get your Black Card at Full Tilt

In the world of credit cards, having a black card puts you in an elite class of yuppies who can afford to blow $250,000 a year on lavish expenditures.  The Black Card being offered by Full Tilt Poker is somewhat similar to the one issued by credit card companies since you need to be in an elite class of online poker players to receive one. If you’re interested in attaining upper echelon status among internet poker players with a Full Tilt Black Card, then you’d better start hitting the poker tables because Black Card membership requirements demand that you carry …

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Full Tilt Poker is running Rush Poker Promotion

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The Full Tilt Poker promotion Rush Poker is already one of the hottest things in online poker today.  But Full Tilt is looking to make Rush Poker even more enticing by holding “Rush Week” from July 12th to July 18th.  Now business will be usual for internet poker grinders who play Rush Poker since they’ll still be moved from table to table as soon as they make a decision.  But the big difference is that players will be earning extra cash on the side while they play poker.  People can collect $5 as soon as they earn 10 Full Tilt …

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