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Party Poker Merges to create Giant Company

Posted on by RTR Rachel

PokerStars has been the giant of the online poker world ever since taking this position from Party Poker a few years ago.  However, they might have to take a step back down on the poker room food chain following Party Poker’s recent merger. Party Poker’s parent company – PartyGaming – recently agreed to a merger with the Austrian gambling site Bwin that will take place in 2011.  The two companies finally agreed to terms on the merger this week, and Bwin will get 51.4% of the company while internet poker giant Party Poker will have a 48.36% stake in the …

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Mike Tyson Reality Show in Trouble for Illegal Gambling

Since blowing through an estimated $350 million in boxing winnings over his lifetime, former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson is always looking for work.  Whether that means being the host of a WWE professional wrestling show, starring in the movie “The Hangover”, or playing at a poker tournament at the Aussie Millions, Tyson is always up for anything.  And while playing at the Aussie Millions didn’t tempt him to become an online poker pro, it did spark an interest in gambling that has carried over to his new reality TV show. The reality show that Mike Tyson is on is …

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Tiger Woods – wine, women… and casinos?

The media has been filled with all the dirty little secrets that Mr Woods would have liked to have kept under wraps, and it seems that gambling is another to add to the growing list. The golf pro did have a somewhat clean cut image up until a few months ago, and it has since descended into a bit of a shambles for the PGA star. Tiger Woods really came into the spotlight with his record breaking win in the 1997 Masters Golf Tournament. He has been named Athlete of the Decade and has drawn the largest TV audiences in …

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Deadwood Celebrates 20 Years of gambling

The city of Deadwood has seen its twentieth anniversary role round last November the 1st. Has it really been twenty years since the town legalised gambling? The city back in 1989 was at the mercy of a recession and the town had high unemployment and was in need of funds. In a bid to change what seemed like a futile situation, local law was changed to allow gambling in the city. No one could really have forecast the dramatic effect the change had on the town over the next 20 years! The city began to see casinos opening and the …

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Woman Tries her Luck Suing Casino

A case is currently being progressed through the US Supreme Court that could at first be looked upon as a case of a sore loser. The Supreme Court is looking into the claims from a woman that a casino actively encouraged her gambling problem in order to entice her to the casino. They said entrapment resulted in her losing $125,000 in one evening. The case has been brought to the court by Jenny Kephart who is a self confessed compulsive gambler. Ms Kephart and her attorney are claiming that the casino had prior knowledge of Ms Kephart’s condition and instead …

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Sands to Continue Macau Build

Macau has definitely been the darling of the gambling industry in the past few months and this has continued this week with Las Vegas Sands Corporation announcing that they will be going back to work on their new gambling resort build in the region as of January 2010. The company needs to raise over $3 billion dollars to fund the venture and $500 million is needed now to re-launch the build. Once the casino build is back underway, it is estimated it will provide around 12,000 jobs in the region. Sands has come through with a positive plan for the …

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Reports of Losses Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

We have all heard about the losses that casinos have been suffering due to the economic downturn. The news has been filled with tales of woe for giant operators who have had near empty slot floors. Everyone knows that as people cut back in spending that usually the first things to go are luxuries like holidays and gambling. But it seems that, just like in Macau, the casinos seem to be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel where business is concerned. News is coming in from Sands casino in south Bethlehem that they have had their best …

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Financial Roller Coaster of Casinos Worldwide in 2009

The last twelve months have been difficult for everyone financially, but none more so than the American Casino industry. When times are tough people tend to cut back on luxuries and two of the top luxuries to go are holidays and gambling!  People in the tourism trade in Vegas would rather erase the past twelve months from their memory as the economic downturn has hit them hard. “In 28 years in the industry I have never seen anything like it,” says Bobby Baldwin, chief design and construction officer of the MGM Mirage.  As you walk around the city you can …

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9 creepy abandoned casinos

Ok, so online full tilt poker is a way of life, but there’s still something very sacred about a place of gambling, something you can’t quite explain about the grand halls of a casino. I don’t know about you but I love old buildings, they are fascinating, old buildings that have been left to rot, are both sad and beautiful. What we have done is searched high and low for the best images of old Casinos that we could find and here they are. Some of you might find these images upsetting. 1. This old casino is now a post …

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