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Fortune Poker Rakeback and Leap Year Special

Posted on by RTR Dave

There are a couple of nice promotions running this February at Fortune Poker since they’re featuring both a €12,500 Leap Year Special and €10,000 Valentine’s Lovers Special. Freeroll hunters will especially like the Leap Year Special because it offers two free poker tournaments, and an added value tournament. Here is a quick look at the details of the freerolls and added value event: Feb 29th at 18:30 – €2,500 New Player LeapRoll, entry is free for new players in February. Feb 29th at 19:00 – €5,000 added by Fortune Poker, €5 + €0.50 buy-in. Feb 29th at 19:30 – €5,000 …

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Earn PKR Rakeback, play MTT Super League

Proving that their promotions are just as innovative as the 3D software, PKR is running a new MTT Super League that will enable players to compete in 10 different multi-table poker tournaments for just $11. To reserve a spot in the MTT Super League, players just need to pay the low $11 buy-in by September 20th at 16:00 GMT. Of course, if you aren’t a member of PKR, you’ll need to complete the signup as well. And if you do sign up, make sure to do so through RakeTheRake since you can get PKR’s 30% rakeback deal, and a 100% …

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Negreanu and Blom Split Matches in SuperStar Showdown

Since being started in December, the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown has become one of the most watched online events by railbirds everywhere. This fascinating event sees Viktor “Isildur1” Blom face off against a single opponent in $100/$200 NL holdem poker, and four poker tables are played at once. Up until Daniel Negreanu, Blom had fared pretty well against those willing to ante up the $150,000 buy-in as he won four poker games, and lost just one match. Many were excited when Negreanu decided to face Blom because Kid Poker is one of the biggest names in the game. However, he was …

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UB Poker is running Centerfold Bounty Tournaments

We’ve recently seen Victory Poker running promotions involving the chance to play poker against centerfold models. Perhaps UB Poker has noticed this too since they’ve decided to bring back their Centerfold Bounty tournaments. As the name implies, the Centerfold Bounty tournaments allow you to collect a $200 bounty after knocking out a centerfold. And what’s great about these events is that any poker tournament could become a Centerfold Bounty tourney. Last Thursday, UB’s $75,000 Guaranteed holdem poker event became a Centerfold Bounty tournament, and several models played in it. So in addition to already playing for a $75k prize pool …

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“Isildur1” is Viktor Blom

We’re not even two weeks into 2011, and the biggest poker news of the year has already happened. On Sunday, Viktor Blom revealed himself to be mystery online poker player “Isildur1.” The poker community has been buzzing about the identity of “Isildur1” ever since he stormed onto the high stakes scene in 2009. “Isildur1” was involved in some of the biggest poker hands in history, and earned millions of dollars over the past two years. Everybody from Sammy Farha to Phil Hellmuth was pegged as the man behind this poker screen name. But it ended up being the person who …

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Ultimate Bet Poker signs Prahlad Friedman

Ever since mainstays Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth left Ultimate Bet Poker, UB has been looking for a suitable replacement(s) to fill their shoes. And it looks as if they’ve found at least one solid replacement in cash game specialist Prahlad Friedman. Friedman is a perfect addition to Ultimate Bet because he already plays a lot of poker games there; he can usually be found on the $25/$50 and $50/$100 Pot-Limit Omaha tables taking advantage of UB’s 30% rakeback deals. Friedman has been playing cash games since 1999, and has earned millions of dollars over the years. In addition to …

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Gold Bracelet Phenomenon Continues: Hassan Kamoei Bracelet on Auction

If you thought the recent string of WSOP* poker tournament bracelets on eBay would end with Peter Eastgate and Paul “The Eskimo” Clark, you thought wrong.  Hassan Kamoei’s 1999 $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha bracelet has been put up for auction on eBay, and the minimum bid is set at $3,800.  Kamoei survived a final poker table that included Robert Williamson III and T.J. Cloutier to win the bracelet. Speaking of Cloutier, his 2005 $2,500 holdem poker bracelet is what sparked the rash of gold bracelet auctions recently.  A Plano, Texas pawn shop put the bracelet up for auction, meaning that Cloutier …

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Running between October 11th and November 7th 2010 the London Calling festival will consist of 57 tournaments, featuring affordable buy-ins designed to bring ‘poker to the people’ The majority of buy-ins will range from £20 to £100 and players will have the opportunity take part in PLO, PLO8 and Heads Up events, as well as No Limit Hold’em. In addition therefore will also be a two day HORSE event. London Calling will finally conclude with a £300 buy-in main event. There will also be a leaderboard running throughout the festival where players will have the opportunity to win points. Players …

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Play Double Hold’em at Party Poker

While playing holdem poker is already fun, you may find Double Holdem at Party Poker to be even more fun.  If the concept of Double Holdem sounds totally foreign, don’t worry because this is one of Party Poker’s newest online poker deals.  Not much changes from regular holdem to Double Holdem poker games expect for the amount of hole cards you receive.  You get three hole cards to play poker with, which benefits both you and your opponents.  The way Double Holdem poker hands work is that you’ll make pre-flop bets as usual.  Once the flop is dealt, you will …

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James Bord wins 2010 WSOPE Main Event

Many of poker’s biggest names were among the 346 players who took part in the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event.  Phil Ivey, Roland De Wolfe, Barry Greenstein, and Freddy Deeb were just a few of the many stars in attendance at this poker tournament.  Interestingly enough, only Roland De Wolfe was still around on the final poker table when the tournament hung in the balance. Wolfe busted out in fourth place though leaving the door wide open for relative unknown James Bord to win his first major poker tournament.  Bord certainly didn’t look to be the favorite …

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