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Alexa Fisher is 8-Year-Old Poker Prodigy

Alexa Fisher may be well over a decade away from legally being allowed to play online poker or in  a casino, but that’s certainly not stopping her from playing wherever else she can. In fact, the 8-year-old American poker prodigy reportedly knows how to play 50 different poker games, and she has some poker tournament experience as well. The child grinder first learned how to play poker at the age of 3 when father Justin Fisher taught her the basics. After learning both the rules and strategy for holdem poker by age 5, Fisher picked up other poker games such …

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Free Poker Training Videos

Despite what some governments around the world claim, online poker is a game that can be beaten by skilled players. But what you have to realize is that it takes quite a bit of work to get to the point where you’re a skilled and profitable player. This means you need to study strategy and learn all you can about how to play poker better. Of course, there are ways that you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to become a good player, and watching free poker training videos definitely falls into this category. Much like …

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PokerStars is giving away Belgian Open Poker Championships Seats

The mere mention of the Belgian Open Poker Championships may not have you envisioning million dollar prize pools, but this casino poker event is actually one of the biggest in Europe.  Last year, the Belgian Open Main Event offered a €1,138,877 prize pool where Antonio Guida eventually won the largest share at €256,082.  In addition to the huge prize pool, many of the world’s top pros such as Marcel Luske, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, and Johnny Lodden play poker at the Belgian Open Poker Championships. If you’d like to join them this year, you should start playing at PokerStars since they …

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“TyboVegas” Wins FTOPS XVII Main Event

FTOPS XVII proved to be the biggest online poker series ever at Full Tilt Poker.  61,150 players participated in the 34 poker games that ran during FTOPS XVII while a total of $20,598,444 was given away during the series.  The biggest poker news in FTOPS XVII came during the Main Event when “TyboVegas” navigated through 4,805 players to capture the title.  Interestingly enough though, “TyboVegas” ($423,057) earned less money than his heads-up opponent “DQnk” ($446,942) since a deal was made before the two played the final poker hands. Another big story in FTOPS XVII included Mike “chapmoney” Chapp taking first …

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7 Year-Old is Conquering Poker

Ask many of the best online poker players what they did as a 7 year-old, and they’ll tell you that they were busy hanging around the poker tables watching their parents play.  However, few of these future pros knew how to play poker at such a young age.  Alexa Fisher, on the other hand, not only knows how to play games like holdem poker, but she also knows how to play all of the other poker games too. Fisher revealed this when she told poker news outlets the following, “I know how to shuffle and deal the cards, raise, check, …

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888Poker adds 100 New Software Features

As if numerous online poker deals and a Loyalty Program offering up to 36% weren’t enough to play at 888Poker, this extremely popular poker room recently added even more incentive by performing a massive upgrade on their software.  In fact, over 100 features were added to the poker software at 888, which makes it one of the best sites to play poker at in the world! The updated software will take effect as of July 26th, and people will now be able to take advantage of the new 3D poker lobby.  What’s really cool about this 3D online poker lobby …

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PokerStars MicroMania is Perfect for Micro Stakes Players

Posted on by RTR Rachel

If most of the poker hands you play involve small pots, then you will love MicroMania at PokerStars!  MicroMania will take place in July, and is specifically dedicated to people who play at the micro stakes poker tables.  Assuming you play micro stakes cash poker games, you will get 50% more VIP points in these rooms during MicroMania.  The offer stands for holdem poker tables that are between the $0.05/$0.10 and $0.10/$0.20 stakes.  Poker tournament players can also benefit from MicroMania because PokerStars will be adding $1,000 to the prize pool of select $1.10 No-Limit Hold’em tournaments.  To find these …

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Play Worst Hand to win Big at Ultimate Bet

Of all the poker hands you could be dealt, 7-2 is no doubt the worst one. This is something that everyone finds out as soon as they learn to player poker.  But Ultimate Bet is putting an offer on the table that will make it pretty hard to fold 7-2 next time it’s dealt to you.  Ultimate Bet is offering side jackpots to players who can win a pot with the worst hand in online poker at their “Seven Deuce” poker tables.  To get started with this extremely fun promotion, you just need to visit the lobby in the UB …

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Poker Players Alliance offers Interesting iPhone Application

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The Poker Players Alliance, which is the biggest lobbying organization for online poker, recently unveiled a new iPhone application that costs just $0.99.  Unlike many other poker-related iPhone programs, the application offered by the PPA has nothing to do with playing poker games or teaching people poker strategy.  Instead, this iPhone program was created with the intention of promoting internet poker worldwide, and convincing governments in countries such as the United States to pass favorable poker laws. Some features of the PPA’s new iPhone app is that it alerts players about starting times for various poker tournaments, delivers messages from …

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China wins World Team Poker Event

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Team China played their poker hands better than anyone else and earned the honor of winning the inaugural World Team Poker event at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.  Perhaps more important than the honor was the fact that China took home $300,000 for winning the international poker tournament.  The winning holdem poker team consisted of Maria Ho, Johnny Chan, Rich Zhu, David Chiu, Winifred Yu, Derek Cheung, and Chau Giang.  Other teams that competed in the poker games at World Team Poker included Brazil, USA, England, Vietnam, Greece, Australia, and Israel.  What made World Team Poker really fun …

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