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PKR Poker Makes Major Software Changes on 4th Anniversary

PKR Poker is already an innovator in the online poker industry because they were one of the first rooms to adopt a 3D format.  They are also known as one of the most generous rakeback providers since they offer players the chance to haul in 30% in rakeback cash.  It’s online poker deals such as this that have propelled PKR Poker through their first four years of operation.  Speaking of which, PKR just recently celebrated their 4th anniversary by upgrading the poker software in a major way! Labeled PKR version 2.0, the software’s lobby has been totally revamped and includes …

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Ultimate Bet is asking Players to come up with Crazy Bets

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Lots of players make crazy and unusual prop bets during the World Series of Poker.  In fact, many of these prop bets make poker news since they command so much attention from the poker world.  And Ultimate Bet is looking for plenty more of these high profile bets through their “Craziest Last Longer Bet” promo.  The way this promotion works is that UB internet poker players will get the opportunity to come up with original ideas for proposition bets.  And whoever comes up with the best prop bet will get to make the wager via Ultimate Bet’s bank account. To …

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PokerStars rolls out Daniel Negreanu Room

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Having starred in movies, TV shows, and music videos, Daniel Negeanu is the most recognizable face at PokerStars.  And PokerStars obviously realizes this fact since they have decided to open up a high stakes online poker room dedicated to Negreanu.  As you might have guessed, these high stakes poker tables are collectively called Daniel’s Room.  And these tables offer stakes starting at $20/$40 and going up to $100/$200.  As if the massive deals you can collect aren’t enough incentive to play on the high stakes holdem poker tables at Stars, you can also play against Negreanu himself.  Negreanu has been …

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Rake Away and Rakeback

Posted on by RTR Susannah

A rake is a charge paid to the card room operating your poker game. Whether you are playing in person at a casino or playing poker over the internet you will be always be raked a certain amount of money while playing poker. For instance, Full Tilt Poker’s rakeback system calculates the number of hands you play so that the more hands you play the more rake you will earn and the more rakeback you will generate. Casinos won’t give you any of your rake money back. Poker rooms normally take a 5% cut out of every pot and you …

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Armed Robbers make a guest appearance at The European Poker Tour.

Posted on by RTR Susannah

The cameo appearance cost over £720,000! A European Poker Tour competition that was taking place in Germany was interrupted early this year when armed gunman came through to the floor and in true wild west fashion pulled out their guns and took off with the prize from the tournament. The gunmen took off with over £720,000 while the TV cameras were live on air. Luckily nobody was killed or critically injured during the robbery. The German security force did very little to hinder the robbers’ operation. Poker used to be played in dangerous atmospheres like this years ago back in …

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