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Some Tips For Your Toolbox

Nobody likes to be told what to do and unwanted suggestions can feel more like orders than recommendations. But when it comes to poker tips, there’s really no reason not to be all ears due to the fact that whether you decide to bite the hook and follow the lead-on, or not, at least you know the bait is out there, and if you aren’t biting it your opponents might be. So, with that philosophy in mind here are a few tips from the pros to add to your tackle-box. 1. Playing poker online and playing at the casino are not …

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Poker Players Alliance offers Interesting iPhone Application

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The Poker Players Alliance, which is the biggest lobbying organization for online poker, recently unveiled a new iPhone application that costs just $0.99.  Unlike many other poker-related iPhone programs, the application offered by the PPA has nothing to do with playing poker games or teaching people poker strategy.  Instead, this iPhone program was created with the intention of promoting internet poker worldwide, and convincing governments in countries such as the United States to pass favorable poker laws. Some features of the PPA’s new iPhone app is that it alerts players about starting times for various poker tournaments, delivers messages from …

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Hollywood Poker offering Croatian Poker Series Prize Packages

Posted on by RTR Rachel

If you’re tired of the same old WSOP, Grosvenor, and WPT prize packages that online poker sites offer, you should strongly consider playing at Hollywood Poker.  That’s because Hollywood Poker is offering people the chance to win prize packages for the 2010 Croatian Poker Series Main Event.  Beginning on August 20th, the Croatian Poker Series will be held in beautiful Podstrana, which is on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.  The Main Event poker tournament will offer a €350,000 guaranteed prize pool that will make your stay in Podstrana even nicer.  You can book your ticket to the Main Event …

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Rake Away and Rakeback

Posted on by RTR Susannah

A rake is a charge paid to the card room operating your poker game. Whether you are playing in person at a casino or playing poker over the internet you will be always be raked a certain amount of money while playing poker. For instance, Full Tilt Poker’s rakeback system calculates the number of hands you play so that the more hands you play the more rake you will earn and the more rakeback you will generate. Casinos won’t give you any of your rake money back. Poker rooms normally take a 5% cut out of every pot and you …

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Online Poker’s Popularity is Going Up, Up, Up!

Why is online poker becoming so popular? Online poker games have many advantages over conventional games. You can’t play regular games 24/7, even in Vegas. Whereas if you wanted to, you could relieve yourself on the toilet while dominating a poker tournament online. There is no way you could do that playing poker with your buddies in person. You could wake up at 5am and start playing. Could you gather up your college friends on Sunday to play some poker at 5am? Good luck with that. Another great advantage of online poker is that there is a time constraint for …

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