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How a $100 Poker Bankroll launched Pat McAfee’s Incredible NFL Career

Posted on by RTR Dave

In the broad spectrum of poker, $100 isn’t even enough for Phil Ivey to make a prop bet at a restaurant. But for Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, $100 proved to be the catalyst for a highly successful NFL career that’s lasted for six seasons. That said, let’s look at how McAfee parlayed his meager poker bankroll into a shot at sports glory. This poker game was like something out of a movie Many of us have seen Hollywood’s version of poker, where some young gun walks into a smoky den full of shady looking characters with a few hundred …

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Esquire Magazine Editor Al Jacobs uses Google Glass to Triple his Poker Bankroll

Casinos have banned it, people have privacy concerns over it, and techies are salivating over it…yes, Google Glass is already making waves months before it will be released to the public. So what exactly does this wearable mini-computer do? Well, the advertised capabilities include browsing the internet, taking pictures, listening to music, chatting with people, and basically anything else that a smartphone can do. But one unique capability that Google Glass provides is the option to live-stream video of your viewpoint to others. It’s this ability that has casinos and poker rooms worried about cheating and collusion. If you’re looking …

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Why is bankroll management a critical part of your poker strategy?

Why and how is bankroll management a critical part of your poker strategy? Well, most poker players are aware that poker is a game which combines skill and luck. The skill element comes from a honed approach to poker strategy. And poker strategy is a lot more than just knowing your hand rankings! There’s a lot of great advice available on what to look for when you start to learn poker and it’s not all about straightforward bluffing ability. It’s important to know the rules of the game, hand rankings and the varying situations for in-play odds. The other vital …

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Tonight’s £154m Euro-Millions jackpot overtakes rakeback paid

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Tonight the Euro-Millions jackpot is a staggering £154,000,000. That’s even more than the $126,000,000 rakeback paid out so far to RakeTheRake online poker players! Not only could this enormous amount of cash be scooped tonight, but it could rise further, reaching a maximum jackpot of £167 million. Now that could keep your poker bankroll looking seriously healthy. This could also leave RakeTheRake’s rakeback pay out counter lagging behind for a week or two. Meanwhile here at RakeTheRake Towers we’re off to form our syndicate with a view to helping Greece out if we win… Good luck to all those playing …

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