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$156,000 won on Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

In most cases, bad beats are an excuse for people to get on forums and whine about poker hands that they should have won.  But at Carbon Poker, bad beats are about much more than whining; in fact, you could win hundreds of thousands of dollars through a bad beat at Carbon! “dk2112” did so earlier this week after suffering a terrible bad beat at the hands of “BlackOutBob.”  dk2112  held four sevens on the turn while BlackOutBob held trips eights, which prompted heavy betting action from both players.  When the river was an eight, BlackOutBob went all-in only to …

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Cake Poker’s Rewards Store

Cake Poker players have always been able to use their Gold Chips to get free cash and enter any poker tournament free of charge.  Now members of Cake Poker have even more options for their Gold Chips since they can use them in the new Rewards Store.  To use Gold Chips in the Cake Shop Rewards Store, internet poker players just need to visit the shop via their web browser or through the poker software that Cake offers.  When you’re in the Cake Shop, you can look at your Gold Chips balance to decide what’s affordable. Some of the excellent …

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Annette Obrestad signs with Full Tilt Poker

Posted on by RTR Susannah

In perhaps the biggest poker player signing in quite some time, Full Tilt Poker has managed to land Annette Obrestad on their already impressive roster of players.  Obrestad is not only one of the best young poker tournament players in the world, but she is also a legend in the Internet poker world.  According to the 21 year-old, she never had to deposit her own money into any poker sites.  Instead, she initially funded her poker account by winning freeroll tournaments after learning to play poker.  Even more impressive than this is that Obrestad started her online poker career at …

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