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Greg Brooks wins LAPC Main Event

Posted on by RTR Rachel

23-year-old Greg “MYNAMEIZGREG” Brooks earned the biggest poker tournament victory of his young career as he maneuvered through a 712-player field at the LA Poker Classic. With the win, Brooks proved that he is more than just an online poker grinder who earns money through rakeback; he is also a very good live tournament player as well. But anytime a $1.65 million top prize is on the line, you can guarantee that there will be plenty of competition, which was certainly the case on the LAPC final poker table. Brooks’ competition included online poker phenom Steve “gboro780” Gross, Vivek Rajkumar …

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“Isildur1” beats Dan Cates in PokerStars SuperStar Showdown

After splitting heads-up matches against Isaac Haxton and Tony G, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom now has a winning record in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown with his recent victory over Dan “jungleman12” Cates. Cates was considered to be Blom’s toughest competition since he finished 2010 as the top online poker player by earning $5.5 million in profits – and this isn’t even counting the rakeback money he earned! Some people even speculated that Cates would best the Swedish pro in this 2,500-hand matchup. However, it looked like Isildur1 would walk away with the contest in the early going since he went up …

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RPMPoker offering Huge Cash Bonus to SNG Players

If you play lots of sit and go’s every month, listen to this: RPMPoker is offering players a huge cash bonus if they can play 500 SNG tournaments in a month. Anybody who plays 500 SNG tourneys will receive a bonus worth 5 times their favorite poker tournament buy-in. So if your normal buy-in is $30, RPMPoker will pay you an extra $150 (5 X $30). Sure 500 tournaments is a lot to play in a single month, but if you play sit and go’s anyways, you’ve got nothing to lose. Another thing to consider is that you’ll reach the …

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“Isildur1” is Viktor Blom

We’re not even two weeks into 2011, and the biggest poker news of the year has already happened. On Sunday, Viktor Blom revealed himself to be mystery online poker player “Isildur1.” The poker community has been buzzing about the identity of “Isildur1” ever since he stormed onto the high stakes scene in 2009. “Isildur1” was involved in some of the biggest poker hands in history, and earned millions of dollars over the past two years. Everybody from Sammy Farha to Phil Hellmuth was pegged as the man behind this poker screen name. But it ended up being the person who …

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Dan “jungleman12” Cates is 2010’s Biggest Poker Winner

From Rocky to Winston Churchill, everybody loves a comeback story. And the comeback story of Dan “jungleman12” Cates is not only one of the best in online poker history….it’s one of the greatest comeback tales ever! Cates, who can currently be found at Full Tilt Poker along with their 27% rakeback deals, didn’t really start playing poker until 2007. At the time, he was an unassuming grinder at the $0.50/$1 ring game poker tables. After experiencing little success in cash games, Cates decided to start playing sit and go’s. Eventually, he went back to ring games and lost his entire …

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Macau has Biggest Cash Games in History

If you follow high stakes poker news often, then you’ve heard of the huge poker games that take place on Full Tilt Poker.  Star players such as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, llari Sahamies and “Isildur1” commonly play poker hands with $500/$1,000 blinds involved.  And while this is extremely impressive, the recent cash games at Macau dwarf these numbers. According to multiple news outlets, a giant cash game formed on the side of the Asian Poker Tour Macau event this past week.  Several Chinese business men formed the poker table, and started games where the blinds reached $5,000/$10,000 and …

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$156,000 won on Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

In most cases, bad beats are an excuse for people to get on forums and whine about poker hands that they should have won.  But at Carbon Poker, bad beats are about much more than whining; in fact, you could win hundreds of thousands of dollars through a bad beat at Carbon! “dk2112” did so earlier this week after suffering a terrible bad beat at the hands of “BlackOutBob.”  dk2112  held four sevens on the turn while BlackOutBob held trips eights, which prompted heavy betting action from both players.  When the river was an eight, BlackOutBob went all-in only to …

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Make Major Money with Cake Poker’s Exchange

Cake Poker players have long been able to earn lots of online poker rewards and bonuses through Gold Cards.  If you haven’t heard of Gold Cards, they are randomly awarded to players through poker hands.  In short, the more internet poker you play, the more Gold Cards you are going to receive.  Players are able to use Gold Cards to enter poker games, earn cash prizes, and compete in leaderboard races.  But now players have even more flexibility than ever with Gold Cards because they can buy and even sell Gold Cards. This program is called “The Exchange,” and it …

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Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot worth over $570,000!

One of the most popular online poker deals ever is the bad beat jackpot offered at Ultimate Bet Poker.  This jackpot is always worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it has grown as high as $800,000 in the past. And while it may not be big poker news to the regulars at UB, the bad beat jackpot is steadily climbing to massive amounts once again since it’s currently worth over $570,000.  The payout structure for the bad beat jackpot works like this: – The loser gets 50% – The winner gets 25% – The rest of the players dealt …

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Flowers wins WPT Fiesta al Lago

Noted online poker pro Randal Flowers made his biggest splash in the casino poker world after winning the WPT Fiesta al Lago event.  This poker tournament was no cakewalk for Flowers though since he faced some of the best players in the world towards the end of the tourney.  Annette Obrestad, Noah Schwartz, Andy Frankenberger, Allen “The Chainsaw” Kessler, and Jeff Madsen were among the final 15 players left.  But Flowers had one thing going for him that all of these other poker pros didn’t – the poker chips lead! Flowers took his chip lead onto the final poker table …

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