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The Gaming Crowd Joins Forces to Help Those in Need

When you lose that big game and watch the pot get turned over to your arch nemeses poker rival it might feel like the end of the world, but in reality all of us in the poker circle know this is nothing compared to the challenges and obstacles that others find themselves facing. The horrifically powerful earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this year was way more devastating to many living in the area than the loss of a poker match could ever be. Celebrities, organizations, and volunteer groups from all over the world have joined forces to raise funds to …

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Developments for Legalizing Online Poker in the United States

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Despite an economic crisis continuing to command headlines across the United States, it would seem that online poker is still reaping a bit of attention, this time in the state of Massachusetts. House Bill 4591 has become quite a contentious issue for the inhabitants of Massachusetts; for some, a blessing and for others, an outrageous proposition. The 172-page bill amendment put forward by the Massachusetts House Speaker, Robert DeLeo, calls for the sections that criminalize online poker and all other forms of Internet gambling to be struck from the bill. Where, before, any wager or bet given or received by …

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Actress Shannon Elizabeth’s Talents Firmly Grasp Poker

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Fans of the actress Shannon Elizabeth will be more than happy to hear that her natural assets are about as keen as her poker playing skills. Known for her revealing performance as a foreign exchange student in the genre-birthing movie “American Pie” and heart-stopping horror “13 Ghosts,” Shannon Elizabeth is rumored to have been chosen to compete in World Team Poker tournament and will be playing for Team Lebanon due to her being of Middle Eastern descent.  Shannon Elizabeth has been an avid fan and member of the poker tables and poker playing community respectively, for several years now. Her …

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A big Round of Applause to Women in Poker!

Posted on by RTR Susannah

For the first time ever, the poker-playing public will be able to submit nominations for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame Class of 2010. I shall try and not dwell on the question as to why it took so long for the poker playing community to recognize its female counterparts, especially when they (well, we) lose just as much hard earned cash at the poker tables than any other person does. However, that would smack of feminism and this is an article about spreading the credit. The Induction ceremony for this prestigious event is to be held in Las …

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Party Poker to Open French Site

Once the world’s biggest online poker room before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was signed into effect in the United States, Party Poker is doing everything they can to get back on top.  And one of the recent measures they’ve taken to get there again is opening a site that will offer services to French players. Party Poker’s parent company, PartyGaming, signed an interesting (and semi-confusing) deal that will be called www.partypoker.fr.  The deal was signed with PMU, France’s pari-mutual horse racing company, and it calls for PartyGaming to help PMU set up an online poker site.  But rather …

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Oh La La! More Online Poker for France?

After so many recent battles regarding restrictions to the world of online poker playing, it is nice to be able to bring some good poker news to our readers! At the moment poker players in France have been restricted to playing only with two state companies which have held the monopoly on gambling. All other gambling online has been restricted and banned within the French borders. It seems that this regulation has finally been recognised as unfair and a bill has been proposed to the French government that would mean more access to foreign casinos and tournaments for French players. …

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