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Fox Sports completes Deal with PokerStars

PokerStars recently signed a deal with Fox Sports to offer a free poker room on FoxSports.com.  In addition to the poker room, PokerStars will also offer several other services such as poker rules, poker strategy, and poker news. Popular speculation is that FoxSports.com made this deal so that they could compete with ESPN.com, which leads all mainstream online sports sites in poker content.  Now Fox Sports has the benefit of having the world’s largest online poker room providing content for them.   The obvious benefit to PokerStars is that they get to advertise their brand name on a mainstream sports website.  …

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Daniel Negreanu wants Sunglasses Banned at the Poker Table

Poker players wearing sunglasses has been a stereotype within casino poker for years.  But PokerStars’ player Daniel Negreanu is one person who doesn’t like this stereotype….in fact, he doesn’t even think people should be wearing sunglasses at the poker table period! Negreanu recently spoke of his disdain for sunglasses on the popular holdem poker show High Stakes Poker.  He basically said sunglasses hurt the game, and that sunglasses aren’t needed to learn how to play poker.  The other people who were playing poker hands with him such as Doyle Brunson and Tom Dwan agreed that sunglasses aren’t necessary. Daniel Negreanu …

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Phil Laak wants to become Poker’s Iron Man

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Phil Laak, who is one of poker’s goofiest and most eccentric players, recently made poker news by announcing his plan to break the game’s endurance record.  To break the record for most hours spent at a poker table, Laak will have to outlast the old one set by casino poker player Paul Zimmer; Zimmer played an astounding 74 hours, 20 minutes, and 22 seconds in London’s Casino at the Empire – it’s a shame he wasn’t playing online poker where he could have earned lots of rakeback! Interestingly enough, Laak will attempt to break the record during the course of …

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