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Free Poker Tips from the Pros

Most poker players don’t bother with seeking out professional coaching or training right away because this costs money. Instead, beginning online poker players like to gauge how successful they can be on their own, then they consider poker training afterward. Of course, none of these players realize that you can actually get free poker tips from the pros just by becoming a RakeTheRake member. Going further, getting training immediately shortens the amount of time it takes for you to become a successful poker player. Opening a RakeTheRake account is completely free, and when you do so, you’ll have the opportunity …

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Poker Pros who get Poker Coaching

One of the most common misconceptions about poker pros is that they don’t really need, nor seek out, the advice of others anymore. Instead, it’s just assumed that they’re totally fine on poker tips because they are good enough to make a living with the game. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth since there are plenty of pro players who get poker coaching and watch training videos. A great example of a professional player who got poker coaching is Jeff Shulman, who enlisted the services of Phil Hellmuth for the 2009 WSOP Main Event. Shulman sought out the …

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RakeTheRake gives Facebook fans and Twitter followers exclusive poker training

If you haven’t visited RakeTheRake’s Facebook or Twitter pages yet, now would be a great time to do so as we’re offering our fans and followers free access to exclusive poker training videos from the poker pros at training specialist DragTheBar. For the next four Tuesdays, from 25 October until 15 November, we’ll be releasing a poker training video. The training content is exclusive to our fans and followers and only otherwise available to poker players who subscribe to DragTheBar. So visit www.facebook.com/RTRRakeback or www.twitter.com/raketherake on Training Tuesdays. If you like our videos then click the ‘share’ link on facebook …

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Tom Dwan Poker Coaching costs $6.5k

Poker pro Brandon Adams discussed his poker coaching company, Expert Insight, in a recent interview, and he revealed the shocking wages that his coaches are earning. Tom Dwan was among the priciest coaches since an hour with the online poker pro will cost you $6,500. And if you’re looking to Patrik Antonius for a bargain price, don’t because he charges nearly the same at $6,000 per hour. Obviously beginning players can’t afford poker coaching fees like these, but this doesn’t mean that they still can’t become excellent players. This is especially true with the many poker training sites out there, …

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Beginners Poker Training at RakeTheRake

When a person starts out in online poker, learning strategy can become a blur. After all, there are tons of different concepts and levels of poker strategy one must master before becoming a complete player. But if you’re looking to overcome the initial beginners poker barrier and develop into a great player faster, watching poker training videos definitely helps speed up the process. If you’re interested in playing better online poker by watching training videos, a good place to start is RakeTheRake. When you create a free RakeTheRake account you can also sign up for free training at DragTheBar. Seeing …

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Poker Training and Rakeback: Keys to Online Poker Success

Many beginning online poker players often ask what the most important things are in regards to becoming successful in poker. And one of the most common responses is to tell these players that studying poker strategy is of the utmost importance. But what often gets left out of the discussion is how important both rakeback and poker training are to one’s success as well. If you’ve never heard of rakeback before, this will bring you up to speed on how it works. Essentially, rakeback is like a discount on the fees you pay to online poker rooms in order to …

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Minted Poker players: $2500 freeroll and 50 x 1 month’s poker training to be won at RakeTheRake

Right, it’s time to set yourself apart from the rest of the field and grab yourself an advantage!

We’ve got one month’s free poker training, worth £30, for fifty Minted players, PLUS a $2500 freeroll to enter. All kindly provided by Minted Poker in support of RakeTheRake’s new site launch.

Win some poker training & raise your game with Minted Poker and RakeTheRake

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RakeTheRake’s $100,000+ of special promos, new forum and free poker training

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Hey guys, we know that you know that we’ve relaunched our site with the aim of making it quicker and easier for you to find what you want. But don’t forget about all the new stuff too! As well as the new RakeTheRake forum where you can have a natter about anything you like (poker related) there’s also FREE poker training on offer for all our players. Just visit Your Account to get started, And don’t miss out on those extra special relaunch promos we’re running! There’s $100,000+ of prizes to be won and every one of them is a …

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Learn From The Pros, Play Like The Pros

Some players follow the belief that if you always approach the game of poker as if you have something to learn, you will; because it is what you learn after you already know it all that really counts and can make you a master. If that is the case then a new poker training website on the market could be of interest to those newcomers to the game of online poker and veteran players alike. Blue Fire Poker is a recently launched poker training site developed by Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, a well-known online poker mastermind who is famous for walking …

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Poker Players Alliance offers Interesting iPhone Application

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The Poker Players Alliance, which is the biggest lobbying organization for online poker, recently unveiled a new iPhone application that costs just $0.99.  Unlike many other poker-related iPhone programs, the application offered by the PPA has nothing to do with playing poker games or teaching people poker strategy.  Instead, this iPhone program was created with the intention of promoting internet poker worldwide, and convincing governments in countries such as the United States to pass favorable poker laws. Some features of the PPA’s new iPhone app is that it alerts players about starting times for various poker tournaments, delivers messages from …

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