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Biggest Online Poker Winners and Losers of 2015

Posted on by Victoria

The world of high stakes online poker changed greatly in 2015. Full Tilt Poker, previously the world’s biggest high stakes destination, disbanded their nosebleed tables in the summer. And PokerStars, the other major high-roller spot, announced in December that they will no longer offer rewards at mid and high stakes tables. Despite all this, plenty of big online poker action took place in 2015. That said. take a look at our review of the biggest online poker winners and losers below. Biggest Online Poker Winners in 2016 Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom has had a roller-coaster internet poker career that’s seen him …

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4 Big Things to arise from 2015 PokerStars Strike

PokerStars has been taking backlash over their decision to reduce VIP benefits for high-volume players. In fact, around 2,500 high-volume grinders joined in a 3-day strike against PokerStars after the site eliminated Supernova Elite status (highest level) and axed high-stakes benefits. Unfortunately for these pros, it doesn’t look like their strike has forced Stars to reconsider the VIP changes. But there were four big things to arise from the boycott, which you can read about below. Four $1 Million PokerStars Freerolls One exciting development following the strike is that Stars will hold four $1 million freerolls throughout 2016. This is …

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Amaya Stock tabbed as “Great Investment” in 2016

Do you dabble in both online poker and investing? If so, then Amaya Gaming stock could give you the best of both worlds in 2016. This is according to analyst Frederick Steier, who offered some great points on why Amaya — despite a disappointing third quarter — could be an excellent stock pick next year. That said, let’s break down a few points that Steier offered while writing for TheStreet.com. The Recent Selloff means You get Amaya Stock at a Discount Given the aforementioned poor Q3, in which Amaya earned about 14% less than they projected, many shareholders were motivated …

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PokerStars Strike – The Good and the Bad

Many online poker pros have not been happy with the changes made to the PokerStars VIP program. The overall effect for high-volume players is that their rewards will be drastically reduced starting Jan. 1, 2016. Given the outrage among many pros, a PokerStars strike was organized from Dec. 1-3 to show unity against the changes made by parent company Amaya Gaming. Well over 1,000 players participated in the boycott, showing that there are plenty of people unhappy with the VIP changes. But will the strike work in the long run? Let’s discuss this matter below by covering some of the …

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PokerStars VIP Changes: What Angry Players got Right/Wrong

The big story in online poker right now remains the changes that PokerStars made to their VIP program. These changes have angered plenty of high-volume players because they stand to lose the most from the revamped loyalty program. So as you can guess, Twitter is ablaze with unhappy online poker pros. But are all of their criticisms warranted? Let’s take a look by discussing the main issues raised and if they are indeed accurate. PokerStars has reduced Rewards from an Overall Standpoint One general criticism of the PokerStars VIP changes is that the site’s parent company, Amaya Gaming, is the …

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PokerStars overhauls VIP Program to improve Ecology – This Pro Hates It

PokerStars will soon make massive changes to its loyalty program in hopes of balancing out rewards between low-stakes and high-volume players. Beginning January 1, 2016, rakeback will eventually be capped at 30% for most PokerStars players, Supernova Elite (highest VIP level) will be eliminated, and Frequent Player Points (FPPs) will be replaced with StarsCoin (worth 25% less). The 30% rakeback cap is huge because some high-volume players earn upwards of 70% rakeback by reaching Supernova and Supernova Elite status. Another notable change is that $5/$10 No-Limit and Pot-Limit tables, as well as $10/$20 Fixed-Limit tables, will no longer offer any …

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PokerStars Signs Liliya Novikova and Yuiko Matsukawa

Posted on by Rachel

PokerStars recently made a couple new additions to their pro roster, signing former gamer Liliya ‘Liay5’ Novikova and model Yuiko Matsukawa to deals. There’s one obvious similarity between these two new members of Team PokerStars since they’re both young, attractive females. But beyond this, Novikova and Matsukawa are quite different from each other. That said, let’s discuss both signings more in depth along with what each one brings to the table. Liliya ‘Liay5′ Novikova: A dream come true Like dozens of other famous poker players, Novikova comes from the gaming world, where she was a pro “Defense of the Ancients” …

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Victoria Coren Mitchell dominates British Poker Awards with 3 Honors

Posted on by Rachel

Victoria Coren Mitchell may have stepped away from her PokerStars sponsorship deal due to the latter’s new casino focus. But that certainly doesn’t mean the two-time EPT champion is done with poker. This may be especially true after she recently won three honors at the British Poker Awards. First off, Coren Mitchell picked up the award for Best Social Media, followed by another accolade for the Poker Personality of the Year. Her most-prestigious award was given out last – Performance of the Year. It’s little surprise that Coren Mitchell picked up the Performance of the Year honor since she won …

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PokerStars Asian Marketing Bolstered by Signing Kosei Ichinose and Aditya Agarwal

Posted on by Rachel

Asia is still largely an untapped market for online poker rooms, leaving many sites figuring out how to best market poker to the continent’s 4.4 billion-plus residents. In PokerStars’ case, they chose to bolster their appeal here by signing two of Asia’s top poker players – Kosei Ichinose (Japan) and Aditya Agarwal (India). Kirsty Thompson, PokerStars’ Head of Pro & Celebrity Management, highlighted the importance of signing these two pros and what they mean to the site’s global appeal: “The signing of these Team Pros from India and Japan is an important step in PokerStars Asian marketing strategy, and in …

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PokerStars Shark Cage Ends With Some Highlights, Criticism and a $1m Winner

Posted on by Rachel

As many of you may be aware, PokerStars tried out a new TV show this past year called Shark Cage. Nobody will mistake this show for High Stakes Poker and it definitely had a good share of detractors. Specifically, forum posters questioned the $1 million winner-take-all prize and ‘shark cage’ aspect, where anybody who got bluffed on the river, or was caught bluffing, was sent to the cage for an orbit. But like it or hate it, Shark Cage ended with a flourish when Griffin Benger collected a $1 million payout. Benger’s massive prize isn’t the only highlight from Shark …

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