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Legendary Korean Gamer Lim Yo-Hwan ‘BoxeR’ ditches StarCraft for Poker

Lim Yo-Hwan has built an outstanding gaming career through StarCraft that includes fame and fortune. However, the man known as ‘BoxeR’ recently announced his decision to go from StarCraft to poker. Lim was forced to announce the career switch after he was introduced as a ‘Professional Poker Player‘ on the South Korean reality show The Genius. It appears that Lim’s primary motivation for entering the poker world is that he’s signed a deal with FulPotPoker, a free-play 3D poker room that’s available to Facebook users. As a member of FulPotPoker, he’ll start competing in Asian Poker Tour and World Series …

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Esquire Magazine Editor Al Jacobs uses Google Glass to Triple his Poker Bankroll

Casinos have banned it, people have privacy concerns over it, and techies are salivating over it…yes, Google Glass is already making waves months before it will be released to the public. So what exactly does this wearable mini-computer do? Well, the advertised capabilities include browsing the internet, taking pictures, listening to music, chatting with people, and basically anything else that a smartphone can do. But one unique capability that Google Glass provides is the option to live-stream video of your viewpoint to others. It’s this ability that has casinos and poker rooms worried about cheating and collusion. If you’re looking …

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WCOOP Champ and $1.5m Winner “PlayinWasted” revealed as German College Student

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There were several famed online poker pros who made final table runs in the 2013 WCOOP Main Event, including Daniel ‘Allanon85’ Drescher, Giuseppe ‘1M.BanKroLL’ Polichetti, Shane ‘shaniac’ Schleger and Stefan Tobias ‘Vampyboy’ Kolossow. But when the dusted cleared, it wasn’t one of these big-name pros taking home the title, but rather a virtual unknown who goes by the screen name ‘PlayinWasted.’ Even today, we still don’t know the big winner’s name because he doesn’t wish to be recognized. However, thanks to PokerStars and their research, we now know that PlayinWasted is a 22-year-old college student from Cologne, Germany. The economics …

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2008 WSOP Champion Peter Eastgate announces Retirement

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The online poker world has already seen one famous young player retire from the game this year.  Canadian Michael McDonald shocked internet poker players in April when he announced that he no longer had any desire to play poker.  Not to be outdone, 2008 WSOP Main Event champion Peter Eastgate recently announced that he will no longer be playing poker either. Eastgate, who has a high-profile blog on PokerStars, talked about his decision to quit casino poker by writing, “When I started playing poker for a living, it was never my goal to spend the rest of my life as …

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