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Take Your Winnings Home the Right Way.

Earlier this year, masked gunmen robbed the EPT Berlin tournament series. The robbers, who were later identified, were able go make off with over $300,000 from the EPT Berlin tournament funds. Apparently, immediately after making off with the money the criminals divided it amongst themselves and went their separate ways. This is not to say that they wouldn’t meet up again, but later it would be in much less desirable conditions behind a view of metal bars. The four robbers were identified by police and their pictures were released to the public. Names of the criminals were also released as …

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Why Take Chances? Play With Skill.

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Everyone has heard the phrase “poker takes moments to learn, but a lifetime to master.” However, there are few who actually take the significance of this quote to heart. In order to really become proficient in the game one must invest time and effort. The more playing experience you have the better grasp you will have on building your ideal poker strategy. Poker is not a game of chance but a game of skill, skills that must be developed over time. With the multitude of online poker sites now available to Internet users it’s a breeze to keep sharp and …

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Online Poker’s Popularity is Going Up, Up, Up!

Why is online poker becoming so popular? Online poker games have many advantages over conventional games. You can’t play regular games 24/7, even in Vegas. Whereas if you wanted to, you could relieve yourself on the toilet while dominating a poker tournament online. There is no way you could do that playing poker with your buddies in person. You could wake up at 5am and start playing. Could you gather up your college friends on Sunday to play some poker at 5am? Good luck with that. Another great advantage of online poker is that there is a time constraint for …

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Swiss Casino Robbery

Unless you’re from another planet, by now you’ve probably heard about the Switzerland Casino robbery. For those who are from another planet, what happened was masked men carrying weapons stormed into the crowded casino of the Swiss border city Basel. The thieves made off with hundreds of thousands of francs. The managing director said there were 10 masked men that pulled into the casino in two cars and ran into the casino with machine guns and pistols. The gang was speaking French and ordered all the employees and guests to get on the floor while they emptied out all the …

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Looking for a new challenge and competition?

Former athletes and thrill seekers have a tough time finding a substitute that will fulfill their competitive spirits. For instance Jerry Buss was a former athlete and fierce competitor. He wasn’t good enough at any sport to turn pro. So he saved up money and bought a NBA team, the LA Lakers, to satisfy his competitive spirit. After winning 9 world championships he no longer has anything else to prove or accomplish as an owner. Now he is 77 years old and has given control of the organization to his son and daughter. What he now does in his free …

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