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Are We Trying to Change the Poker World Too Quickly?

Posted on by RTR Dave

One common theme for the poker world in 2014 has been change. There’s a growing fear among many professional players that the game isn’t providing enough overall entertainment to hold the amateurs’ interest. Oft-cited reasons for waning interest include bumhunting, complex strategy, and a lack of famous pros who can truly engage the general population. Several prominent players have spoken/written on the matter, giving their take on what could make poker more intriguing to the everyday man. Joe Hachem placed the responsibility on WSOP Main Event champs and young pros, saying they need to be more sociable and ambassadors for …

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5 Ways that Poker has changed since the Boom

Posted on by RTR Dave

In some way or another, most of us can attribute our interest in poker to the boom period that lasted from 2003 to 2006, a time when live and online poker’s popularity skyrocketed. If not for the poker boom, 95% of us would still think of Omaha as a city in Nebraska and view ESPN’s WSOP coverage in the same obscure vein as televised arm wrestling or the women’s senior volleyball tour. Of course, the boom is now long gone and poker growth has become much more stabilized. What we’re left with today is a tougher and much different game. …

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Sam Trickett Signs With Everest in one of the Most Interesting Poker Deals Ever

Posted on by RTR Dave

 Sam Trickett signs with Everest Poker! Once synonymous with the Titan brand, famed poker player Sam Trickett has now signed a sponsorship deal with Everest Poker. This is no ordinary deal either, where Trickett merely dons the Everest patch and poses for a few pictures for the website. Instead, he’ll play in live events, provide coaching, write blog posts and do video updates from the WSOP. Oh yeah… and he’ll also be offering Everest players a chance to share in 10% of his WSOP winnings. “I’m very excited to be joining Everest Poker” Trickett is pretty pumped up about everything …

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Chris Ferguson returning to the Poker Tables?

Posted on by RTR Dave

Once one of the most respected and best poker players with an undeniable iconic status in the poker community, Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson has become a pariah for his involvement in the old Full Tilt’s demise. So it’s little surprise that he has stayed away from the poker tables since Black Friday. But according to respected journalist Diamond Flush, Ferguson may finally step out of the shadows (a.k.a. his spacious mansion) and play in the 2014 WSOP. Diamond Flush, the pseudonym behind a woman who extensively covered Black Friday/Full Tilt news, has always had an inside track on Ferguson’s business. And …

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PokerStars running $9m WCOOP Challenge Series from March 28th-30th

Posted on by RTR Dave

If you’ve got anything going on at the end of March, then you might want to clear your schedule. That’s because PokerStars are running a $9 million WCOOP Challenge Series from March 28th-30th, 2014. This huge weekend of poker will feature nine giant tournaments, including the $2 million guaranteed Main Event. Those lucky enough to win each of the nine tourneys will not only collect a huge payout, but also a customized money clip and a seat in the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event. Some of the buy-ins for the WCOOP Challenge Series are pretty steep, …

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Carbon running Micro Online Poker Series from March 23rd-30th

Posted on by RTR Dave

The $1.2 million Carbon Online Poker Series may be over with. But players certainly don’t have to wait long for another major event at Carbon Poker. That’s because they’re set to run the Micro Online Poker Series from March 23rd-30th, 2014. Like any great low buy-in tourney series, the Micro OPS is very affordable for the average player, with buy-ins ranging from $0.11 – $11. And you can expect plenty of variety among the 24 tournaments, with Hold’em, HORSE, PLO, PLO Hi/Lo and HA (alternates between 10 hands of Hold’em and 10 hands of Omaha Hi) all on the schedule. …

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WPT gets Serious about Installing a Shot Clock – But is it a Good Idea?

Posted on by RTR Dave

For years, players have complained about tanking on the tournament circuit. Sure, there are plenty of tough decisions that require some extra time to sort through. But it’s excruciating when a player constantly takes five minutes every turn just to muck terrible cards. The World Poker Tour have thought long and hard about this issue, and they recently got the players’ take on the matter. During the WPT L.A. Poker Classic, players were given surveys that asked if they think a tournament shot clock should be instated. Here are some of the proposals that the WPT listed with regard to …

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Weekly Flop: Ivey Invests in Boxing | Schleger Smoked Out | Shot Clock is Hot

Posted on by RTR Dave

Phil Ivey has dipped into the boxing and entertainment industry, and he’s already off to a great start… Shane ‘shaniac’ Schleger has been openly discussing his 15-year crack habit, and people have been furiously ripping him for it… Out with the talk about young poker pros needing to be ambassadors and in with the new shot clock debate. Find out what’s hot in the poker world in the Weekly Flop. Phil Ivey jumps into the Boxing & Entertainment Promotion World Unlike other ex-Full Tilt pros who lost a sizable amount wealth from the Black Friday ordeal, Phil Ivey has refused …

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Will Full Tilt Repayments cause a Mini Poker Boom?

Posted on by RTR Dave

Full Tilt Poker Repayments RakeTheRake rakeback

A large portion of the poker world are rejoicing since Full Tlit repayments are finally being sent to players affected by Black Friday. Soon, $82 million will be back in the hands of current and former poker players. Now, the big question on many people’s minds is what…

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WSOP Seat to be won in RakeTheRake’s 10,000 Likes Freeroll at PokerStars!

Posted on by RTR Dave

RakeTheRake facebook

Just before 2013 came to a close, the RakeTheRake facebook page gained over 10,000 Likes. So to celebrate and say thanks, we’re holding a very special freeroll this month. On Saturday 25th January, 15.00 (EST), PokerStars will be hosting our celebratory RakeTheRake 10,000 Likes Freeroll where the winner will receive a seat for this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas!

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