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2016 WSOP Recaps for Events 1-10

Posted on by RTR Dennis

The 2016 WSOP is underway, and we’ve seen some great stories already. A struggling poker pro winning the Colossus II, Robert Mizrachi winning another bracelet, and Kyle Julius earning his first bracelet are just a few of the big stories so far. That said, let’s look at highlights from the first 10 events of the 2016 WSOP. Event #1: Sands Wins $565 Casino Employees NLHE As usual, the WSOP kicked off with the $565 Casino Employees tournament. 731 players entered this event, which is far more than most years. Christopher Sand, a 45-year-old sportsbook writer and cashier at Caesars Palace, …

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7 Stories to Watch at the 2016 WSOP

Posted on by RTR Dennis

The 2016 World Series of Poker has just kicked off, and we’re sure to see some incredible stories play out over the course of the event. But what storylines should you keep on eye on now? Find out as we cover 7 big stories that will happen during the 2016 WSOP. 1. How Many Players will Colossus II Draw? Last year’s inaugural Colossus lived up to the hype that it received prior to the WSOP. A record 22,374 players paid the $565 buy-in to compete in what is easily the largest poker tournament ever. The only problem is that participants …

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2014 WSOP Quick Roundup: Events #40, #41 and #42

Posted on by RTR Dave

Event #40 – Unknown Davide Suriano wins First 2014 WSOP Bracelet for Italy In a $10k Heads-up NLHE field full of well-established grinders like Daniel Negreanu and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, Davide Suriano stood out namely because he was so unknown. Due to his relative anonymity, Suriano was able to confuse opponents with his unorthodox playing style and top the 136-player, Event #40 field. The Italian won his country’s first gold bracelet of the 2014 WSOP and a $335,553 payout. This certainly wasn’t just some unskilled, amateur crapshoot where Suriano luckboxed his way through the tournament. His road to the title …

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Monte Carlo IPPA offers Highest Ever Buy-in at $250,000

Most players consider casino poker events with $10,000 buy-ins to be in the high stakes range.  But the International Poker Players Association Championship event in Monte Carlo will blow these opinions away since it will be a $250,000 buy-in poker tournament.  The No-Limit Hold’em Shootout event, which happens in Monte Carlo on December 2nd, is going to offer a $12 million prize pool where the winner will earn $5 million. The IPPA Championship buy-in of $250,000 is the highest ever out of any land-based or online poker tournament.  Now you might think this buy-in would scare off many poker players, …

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World Team Poker Squads Selected

Posted on by RTR Susannah

World Team Poker is set to be one of the most entertaining poker tournaments in the world since teams from all around the globe are gathering to compete in this international event.  And many of the teams that will play in the event have finished selecting their team members. Team USA, which is captained by Phil Hellmuth and Doyles Room personality Doyle Brunson, is the latest team to pick their members.  Hellmuth and Brunson selected Allen Cunningham, Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman, Erik Seidel, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, and Howard Lederer.  Team Australia members include Tony G, Jeffrey Lisandro, Steve Topakas, …

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