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PlayersOnly Poker offering $35k in Snakes and Ladders

Did you ever play the game Snakes and Ladders as a kid? If not, who cares because the important thing is that PlayersOnly Poker is giving away $35,000 each month through their Snakes and Ladders promotion. And it’s interesting that PlayersOnly is giving away $35k in cash each month because they also offer 35% rakeback deals. Getting back to the promo, Snakes and Ladders works somewhat like the actual board game in that players earn VIP points throughout the month so they can “roll the dice.” And it’s definitely to your advantage to earn as many rolls as possible because …

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Turn $1 to $2,000 through Carbon’s Snakes and Ladders

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While the board game Snakes and Ladders may be ridiculously outdated, it is just coming into style at Carbon Poker.  That’s because Carbon is running a new online poker promotion called Snakes and Ladders where players can turn a single dollar into $2,000! At this point, you might be wondering just how in the world it’s possible to win $2,000 with just $1.  Well the Snakes and Ladders promotion offers seven tiers, and as internet poker players climb the tiers by winning, they inch closer and closer to the aforementioned $2,000 mark.  Your path to winning major cash through Snakes …

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