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Party Poker offering $13k WPT Paris Prize Packages

Posted on by RTR Dave

Last year, the 2011 WPT Grand Prix de Paris was absolutely huge since this poker tournament offered a €2,252,650 ($3,249,124) prize pool, and winner Matt Waxman collected a €500,000 ($721,178) top prize. That said, many players are quite excited about the upcoming 2012 WPT Grand Prix de Paris, which runs from September 5th–10th, 2012. If you’d love to be in Paris for this huge tournament, you should know that Party Poker is offering $13,000 Grand Prix de Paris prize packages. Anybody who wins a package will enjoy the following perks: $9,500 Main Event buy-in Hotel accommodations for 5 nights $1,400 …

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Stan James Blaze Poker & Rakeback Deal

Posted on by RTR Dave

These days many online poker players crave faster action and less waiting time between hands, and so far a couple of sites have been able to satisfy this craving; with PokerStars rolling out Zoom Poker, and Unibet offering Fast Poker. Stan James is the next big room to offer a high-speed poker experience, having recently unveiled Blaze Poker. What is Blaze Poker? On a typical poker table, players have to wait for hands to be completed whether they’re still in the hand or not. Seeing as most skilled grinders fold a lot of hands pre-flop, they’ll spend more time waiting …

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What Is Rakeback?

Posted on by RTR Dave

If you’ve ever played online poker, chances are you’ve heard the terms ‘rake’ and ‘rakeback’ – but what is rakeback? Well, every time you play poker the room takes a percentage of the total pot as rake. With live poker, casinos and poker clubs take a percentage of the pot or fixed fee  from games as their payment for hosting the poker games. Without rake, the venues themselves could not make money from the poker games they host. Similarly, online poker rooms hosting games or poker tournaments will charge rake as their fee for hosting – this is where rakeback comes …

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Online Poker vs. Live Poker

One great thing about poker these days is that you no longer have to burn through your bankroll traveling to casinos and poker clubs just to find a game. Instead, there are numerous online poker sites that give you the option to play right from your home. This being said, online poker has a definite advantage over live poker when it comes to convenience. But that doesn’t mean every advantage belongs to the online version of the game since casino poker also offers players some decided benefits. Seeing as how there’s somewhat of a debate here, let’s compare the two …

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Rakeback Facts from RakeTheRake

If you’re new to online poker, or just don’t know much about the concept of rakeback, it’s always helpful to look at the facts on this subject. After all, rakeback can go a long way towards saving you lots of money and increasing your overall profits. So with this being said, here are some interesting facts that you should know about online poker rakeback. Rakeback Percentages vary from Site to Site – Many rakeback deals differ in how much money you receive from them. For example, if you sign up at Americas Cardroom through RakeTheRake, you can get a 27% …

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Free Poker Tips from the Pros

Most poker players don’t bother with seeking out professional coaching or training right away because this costs money. Instead, beginning online poker players like to gauge how successful they can be on their own, then they consider poker training afterward. Of course, none of these players realize that you can actually get free poker tips from the pros just by becoming a RakeTheRake member. Going further, getting training immediately shortens the amount of time it takes for you to become a successful poker player. Opening a RakeTheRake account is completely free, and when you do so, you’ll have the opportunity …

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Lebanon becomes Online Poker Haven

Traditionally, the Middle East is not exactly known as a hotbed for online poker players since most countries in this region have restrictions on the game. However, Lebanon has become a big exception to this rule because they offer people the freedom to play poker at will. This being said, players from abroad like the US’s Samer Khoury have moved to Lebanon in an effort to play online poker and earn rakeback; Khoury was quoted as saying, “I’m here to study Arabic, and exercise my freedom to play online poker.” There are a few casinos throughout the country such as …

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Common Rakeback Questions

One of the most intriguing, yet puzzling concepts to beginner poker players is rakeback. Most players know that rakeback is a good thing, but they aren’t sure how it works, or what you can do to get the most value out of rakeback. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked rakeback questions. 1. What is rakeback? Beginning with the most obvious question, rakeback is a percentage of money that players receive back based on how much rake they pay online poker sites. To illustrate this concept, let’s say that you have a …

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Rakeback Pros

Most beginning online poker players assume that, in order to make money playing the game, a person has to be heads above the competition. And while it definitely pays to know as much poker strategy as possible, one of the biggest things that online poker pros rely on is rakeback. If you’re not familiar with rakeback, here is a quick look at the subject. Many people who make a living with poker are simply rakeback pros; in other words, they break even on the poker tables (when rake is taken out), but they earn so much money in rakeback that …

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Learn Poker Free from RakeTheRake

You can learn poker from literally hundreds of sites across the internet since many different places features articles and videos. Unfortunately, most poker strategy articles only cover the basics, and the sources aren’t always qualified to be offering such information. So if you’re looking to solve this problem, a good place to start is RakeTheRake because you can get access to free poker training here. Anybody who creates an account at RakeTheRake will receive a free 14-day trail membership to DragTheBar, which is one of the top poker training sites out there. Expanding on DragTheBar, this site employs 30 professional …

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