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Fast Poker Strategy

Posted on by RTR Dave

Whether you’re playing PokerStars’ Zoom Poker or the MPN network’s Blaze Poker, fast-fold variations definitely add a new wrinkle to online poker. The games are quicker, players can get in more hands, and there’s virtually no downtime. Given that fast-fold variants speed up poker, they can be very exciting. However, a player can also lose lots of money if they’re not careful with these games. This being said, let’s take a look at some good basic tips for playing speed poker variants. Tip #1 – Every Opponent is the Same In regular online poker games, you’ll normally have a lot …

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Win Big Prizes in Party Poker’s FastForward Challenge

As some poker players are already aware, Party Poker feature a fast-paced cash game variant called FastForward. On a FastForward table, you’re immediately taken to a new table as soon as your action is finished in a hand – thus cutting out the boring waiting time associated with regular cash games. Assuming you already like this style of play, it’s definitely worth mentioning that Party Poker are running a brand new FastForward Challenge each week. This Challenge gives players an opportunity to collect big poker bonuses every week just for playing on FastForward tables. The size of the bonus depends …

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PokerStars Hand No. 85 Billion coming: Players to receive $1m!

As the most successful online poker site in history, PokerStars is proud of the massive amount of hands it has dealt over the years. In fact, this site is celebrating every major milestone on the way to hand number 100 billion. Currently, PokerStars is closing in on cash game hand number 85 billion and huge prizes are being awarded. When the 85-billionth hand promotion is all said and done, $1 million will have been paid out. Players who are dealt into the 85-billionth hand will receive at least $20,000, while those dealt into every millionth hand from now (hand 84.7 …

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PokerStars Zoom Poker leads to More Bonuses

Posted on by RTR Dave

Playing one online poker table at a time can be agonizing because you have to wait for other players to make decisions before it’s your turn to act. One answer to the problem of this agonizingly slow pace is multi-tabling, which enables you to play two or more tables at once. However, the common complaint with multitabling is that it makes many players feel too rushed. Enter PokerStars Zoom, which just might be the happy medium that many online poker players are looking for. This new innovation from PokerStars greatly speeds up the game, while at the same time allowing …

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Poker Stars: Zoom Poker – coming soon!

Tantalisingly billed as offering “all the excitement you can handle”, PokerStars.com has announced that its new fast-paced way to play poker ‘PokerStars Zoom’ will be released in the near future. Zoom will allow players to play more hands per hour than ever before, and will do so by instantly moving players to a new table – with a new hand – as soon as they fold. PokerStars will release more details shortly, and we’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date with any developments. If you want to make sure you’re ready to take advantage of all the PokerStars Zoom excitement, …

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