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Poker news | Nov. 24, 2021

How Much Do Poker Pros Earn from Twitch Streaming?

By RTR Dennis

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Many poker pros have gotten into Twitch streaming in recent years. The money must be good in streaming, given the influx of pros who’ve jumped on Twitch. But just how good?

A widespread Twitch leak has revealed how much money poker pros and other types content creators are earning. Available on TwitchPayouts.com, the leak shows donations and subscription payouts dating back to 2019. Some of the poker notable players who’ve had their information leaked include Matt Staples, Lex Veldhuis, Felix Schneiders, and Jeff Gross.

Poker Pros Who Had Their Twitch Earnings Exposed

A number of professional poker players were affected by the leak. Here are some of the more-prominent pros involved along with how much they’ve made through Twitch since August 2019.

Lex Veldhuis

Dutch poker pro Lex Veldhuis has earned the most among the poker players who’ve had their data exposed. On the strength of 285,000 followers, he’s made $294,000 through Twitch alone since the summer of 2019.

Veldhuis may need all of this money too considering that his play was exclusively on PokerStars. Just recently, the Netherlands ordered all unregulated gambling sites to exit their market. Stars will comply, meaning that Veldhuis—a longtime PokerStars Pro—faces an uncertain future.

He won’t be able to play on Stars so long as he lives in the Netherlands. Furthermore, his sponsorship may be in jeopardy with PokerStars no longer serving the Dutch market.

Matt Staples

Matt Staples has built his poker career around streaming and social media. With over 100,000 Twitch subscribers, the Canadian pro has made $84,000 in two-plus years. He supplements his revenue with YouTube videos.

Felix Schneiders

Known as ‘xfllixx,’ Felix Schneiders is a Team PokerStars member who focuses on training videos. The German poker coach has amassed 64,000 Twitch followers. These followers have translated into $87,000 in Twitch earnings since Aug. 2019.

Ben Spragg

Another Team PokerStars player, Ben ‘Spraggy,’ has 128,000 followers on Twitch. He’s earned a matching $128,000 from this fanbase over the past couple of years. The British poker pro is best known for playing high-stakes online tournaments, which draws many curious viewers.

Jeff Gross

Partypoker pro Jeff Gross doesn’t stream as much as most other players. After all, he must divide his time between his podcast, live tournaments, and online play. Nevertheless, he’s still managed to accrue 84,000 Twitch followers and has made $40,000 through this avenue.

Fintan Hand

Using the handle ‘easywithaces,’ Fintan Hand boasts 115,000 Twitch followers. The Irish poker pro, who’s a member of Team PokerStars, had collected $89,000 through Twitch in the past two-plus years.

Kevin Martin

A GGPoker ambassador, Kevin Martin lays claim to 110,000 Twitch followers. This fanbase has helped the Canadian player earn $57,000 since Aug. 2019.

Hristivoje Pavlovic

Another member of team GGpoker, Hristivoje Pavlovic has generated 85,000 fans through his Twitch channel. ‘ALLinPay’ has made $42,000 through these followers.

Arlie Shaban

Arlie Shaban is a Team PokerStars member who has 48,000 Twitch followers. The Canadian poker pro has made $35,000 through his Twitch stream in the past two years.

Leaked Figures Confirmed to Be Accurate

If you’re at all skeptical about the numbers on TwitchPayouts.com, then you should know that the numbers have been confirmed by Scott ‘tehMorag’ Heller. He told ABC news Australia that, in his case, the numbers are entirely accurate.

As can be seen, most of these players aren’t getting rich off their Twitch channels alone. Nevertheless, they’re able to supplement winnings on the table with five or even six figures.

Veldhuis has no doubt been the most-successful streamer in the past two years—at least among this bunch. He’s made well over a quarter million dollars.

Of course, Veldhuis’ earnings are nothing compared to the top Twitch streamers. ‘CriticalRole,’ a collection of voice actors, have earned $9.6 million since August 2019. Nevertheless, players like Veldhuis will certainly take the generous sums that they’re getting through Twitch.