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Free Training Video - Week One

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Soft Eyes Part One

New DTB Coach Preachercasy151 discusses 6max SnG endgame strategy and shows you how to dominate the bubble. A complete SnG bubble passage, interspersed with discussion in the classroom.

About Poker Coach Christopher Keenan - aka "casy151" and "preachercasy151"

Three years ago, I found myself living in my parents' house, flat broke. After a summer of reading Harrington, grinding the $5 20-man Turbos (a goldmine back then!) and binking a couple of MTTs, I made the switch to Full Tilt 6-Max Turbo Sit & Goes. Poker brought me money and motivation, both of which I had been sorely lacking. I finished 2010 ranked #7 on the Sharkscope midstakes 6-max Turbo leaderboard and joined Team Moshman as a coach and I have talked strategy with some of the best minds in SNG poker.

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