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Free Training Video - Week Three

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Sweating Jenny at NL50

Hello everyone! I'm back with a 2 part series where a student of mine, CASINOJENNY123, made a video for me to review at 50NL. Enjoy, and tune in for part 2.

About Poker Coach Eric Larson - aka "DiscoBisco"

I've been playing poker for the past 6 years. I started out in college home games with friends, just $5 and $10 buy-ins with really cheap blinds that we'd play all night for fun. Once I realized I was better than most of my friends, I decided to try things out online where I started one-tabling $10NL on Pacific Poker.

Over the next 2 years I slowly worked my way through the limits up to $1/$2 NL all while playing just one table. Eventually I moved to Full Tilt Poker where you can multi-table. I started out playing 4 tables at $50NL and gradually worked my way up to 12-16 tables.

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