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Free Training Video - Week Two

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A Day at the Office - Part 1

I begin going through a screen capture I did playing on a Sunday afternoon. I go through how I normally begin and manage a session. The action is pretty quick, so we have the opportunity to discuss a lot of different concepts and situations.

About Poker Coach Owen Gaines - aka "QTip" and "BigOwen"
I was always a bit fascinated with poker and had read a small book or two on it long before I ever got a chance to try playing. Then one day in 2004, a friend told me about Party Poker and I created an account. I deposited $200 and lost that rather quickly in the $.50/$1 limit games, but I decided to give poker one more shot and that one stuck.

I started to see the hard work pay off and worked up a nice bankroll for the $5/$10 limit games. I felt that playing professionally was the best option since my poker hourly rate was double that of my 9 to 5 job.

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