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Unibet rakeback

Unibet opened its door all the way back in 1997. It was originally created as a way for the founder, Anders Ström, to share his sporting expertise to help others make better informed bets. The Unibet platform is now a part of the massive Kindred Group, headquartered in Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

With a large and varied player pool spread out amongst its many poker rooms Unibet has proven to be one of the most sociable online poker sites out there. Unibet provides one of the best looking poker sites with a clean but bright poker software that is easy to understand and easy to use.

On top of all that there are also many poker games at Unibet including the ever popular Texas hold 'em or just "hold 'em" and some more unusual poker variants such as Pot Limit Omaha. All in all Unibet has proven to be one of the most secure, well-rounded and gambler friendly poker sites on the internet.

Unibet Loyalty Scheme

Earning the Unibet Poker Loyalty Points is easy; Every 1c of rake = 1 Unibet Poker Loyalty Point!

Rake can be earned through real money poker play on any of the cash tables, tournaments or exciting HexaPro games.

As you earn Points, you increase your level, boosting your potential rewards - including Bonus Points, tickets, playthrough bonuses and cash!

As you level up, you will also unlock a Bonus Points multiplier that will reward you with additional Bonus Points as you play. From level 2 onwards, you will receive an additional 1% rakeback in Bonus Points, multiplied by your Bonus Points Multiplier, as you play through the levels

You’ll also be able to access new sections of their brand-new Game Lab and check out your gameplay stats and personal achievements.

To reach level 3-1 from level 3 you are required to generate 2000 loyalty points (€20 in rake). As you have unlocked the 3.5x multiplier (3.5% rakeback) for reaching level 3 you will be rewarded with a total of 70 Bonus Points (BP) for reaching level 3-1.

1% of €20 = €0.20 or 20 BP

20 BP x 3.5 BP multiplier = 70 BP

Here's how the rewards system works:

Level Loyalty Points Requirement Game Lab Reward Level Reward Free Access Reward Bonus Points Multiplier Bonus Point Multiplier Reward Total RB as percentage
1 8.00%
1-1 125 10 Bonus Points 8.00%
1-2 250 10 Bonus Points 8.00%
1-3 375 10 Bonus Points 9.00%
2 500 Level 2 Access 15 Bonus Points Regular freeroll access 2x 9.00%
2-1 1,000 35 Bonus Points 2x 10 9.00%
2-2 1,500 35 Bonus Points 2x 10 9.00%
2-3 2,000 35 Bonus Points 2x 10 11.60%
3 2,500 Level 3 Access €1 HexaPro ticket 3.5x 10 11.33%
3-1 4,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x 70 12.00%
3-2 6,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x 70 11.76%
3-3 8,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x 70 11.62%
4 10,500 Level 4 Access 150 Bonus Points 4.5x 70 16.45%
4-1 23,000 €20 Playthrough bonus 4.5x 563 15.06%
4-2 35,500 1,000 Bonus Points 4.5x 563 14.39%
4-3 48,000 1,000 Bonus Points 4.5x 563 14.00%
5 60,500 Level 5 Access 1,000 Bonus Points Unibet Open Freeroll 6.5x 563 16.99%
5-1 100,500 €50 Playthrough bonus 6.5x 2,600 16.85%
5-2 140,500 4,000 Bonus Points 6.5x 2,600 16.77%
5-3 180,500 4,000 Bonus Points 6.5x 2,600 16.72%
6 220;500 Level 6 Access 4,000 Bonus Points 12x 2,600 27.47%
6-1 390,500 €500 Playthrough Bonus 12x 20,400 29.91%
6-2 560,500 40,000 Bonus Points 12x 20,400 31.22%
6-3 730,500 40,000 Bonus Points 12x 20,400 32.03%
7 900,500 Level 7 Access 40,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300 35.61%
7-1 1,285,500 €1,000 Cash 18x 69,300 37.54%
7-2 1,670,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300 38.74%
7-3 2,055,500 €1,000 Cash 18x 69,300 39.57%
7-4 2,440,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300 40.17%
7-5 2,825,500 €1,000 Cash 18x 69,300 40.63%
7-6 3,210,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300 42.37%
7-7 3,595,500 €1,500 Cash 18x 69,300 45.04%
7-8 3,980,500 €2,000 Cash 18x 69,300 49.53%
7-9 4,365,500 €3,000 Cash 18x 69,300

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€1,000 Daily HexaPro Races

HexaPro Daily Races are back!

Reach the top of Unibet's HexaPro Daily Races leaderboards this month and you can win a share of €1,000 every single day – that’s €31,000 in total prizes during May.

Each new day brings new races and therefore plenty of opportunities to win a share of the cash. With three tiers available, you can join at high, mid, or low stakes. So pick your level and start earning points!

How to play:

  • Buy-in to any HexaPro game – you earn points for every game you play no matter the outcome
  • Earn extra points every second time your multiplier is 1.5x
  • Keep track of the daily leaderboards here.
  • All prizes are doubled on Sundays

€40,000 in Flop Races

Are you ready to see some flops this May?

Unibet have added a whopping €40,000 to the leaderboards on cash game tables this May! That’s €8,000 per week up for grabs.
There will be leaderboards for three different stakes sizes, meaning whatever you like to stake, you’ll get your money’s worth!

Leaderboards will run weekly for five weeks. That’s five chances to win some extra cash and play plenty of hands of poker along the way!

Simply go to the Cash Game lobby in the poker client and start to play on qualifying stakes. Compete with other poker players, collect leaderboard points by beating the competition and move up the ladder!

How to earn points:

Every time you reach a flop on a Cash Game table (on a limit which qualifies for this promotion), you will get points. The amount depends on what game and stake you play:

  • You will get one point for every flop you see.
  • The points will be multiplied depending on the stake the player plays.
  • Just for your information: Banzai Cash Game got removed from the promotion this time.

7 Days of Poker Specials

This May, Unibet are running Daily Poker Specials on some of your favourite games!

Check out the daily breakdown below and tune into Unibet every day to take advantage of these limited time specials!


Shortstack Master – Small stacks, big Omaha action!


Bubble Burster – Cash quicker with these special MTTs.


Wild Wednesday – It’s a jungle out there!


Deepstack Legend – Deeper play, bigger stacks!


Banzai Bonanza – Unleash your battle cry!


HexaPro Extreme - HexaPro on steroids!


Stellar Sunday – MTT’s out of this world!

€5,000 Supermoon Take-Off Missions

Blast your way into a massive Supermoon event.

Complete three Supermoon missions this week and you’ll qualify for a €5,000 Take-Off tournament on 1st June (19:00 CEST).

Then finish in the top 20 to win a €250 ticket to a €40,000 Supermoon event.

How to play:

  • Complete three Supermoon Missions from 00:00 UTC on 23rd May – 31st May 23:59 UTC
  • You’ll then get entry to a €5,000 Supermoon Take-Off Missions tournament
  • Play to win a €250 ticket to a €40,000 GTD Supermoon event

1st Mission: Complete 25 HexaPro Games

2nd Mission: Play 15 tournaments which have a buy-in of >= €1

3rd Mission: See 50 Flops on Cash Games (Banzai excluded)