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Jun 28, 2012

What Is Rakeback?

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake what is rakeback

If you’ve ever played online poker, chances are you’ve heard the terms ‘rake’ and ‘rakeback’ – but what is rakeback? Well, every time you play poker the room takes a percentage of the total pot as rake. With live poker, casinos and poker clubs take a percentage of the pot or fixed fee from games as their payment for hosting the poker games. Without rake, the venues themselves could not make money from the poker games they host. Similarly, online poker rooms hosting games or poker tournaments will charge rake as their fee for hosting – this is where rakeback comes in.

Rakeback is so called because it’s a return on the fees an online poker player paid to the room to play a game or tournament. Playing through an affiliate site like RakeTheRake means players rake back a percentage of the rake fees they paid. With a site such as RakeTheRake, online poker players can secure themselves a top rakeback deal – this entitles them to get a percentage of the money they paid in rake fees back.

Depending on how many hours you play, your chosen stake levels, and number of tables you have on the go at once, you can make thousands of dollars a month in rakeback alone. But RakeTheRake don’t simply offer players the best rakeback deals at nearly every single top poker room, they also offer thousands of dollars of extra value every month in exclusive poker promotions from huge no-fee tourneys to free poker training!