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Free poker is often confused with play-money poker. That is, the version of poker which many online poker rooms offer in an attempt to demonstrate the features and feel of their tables.

When it comes to getting real money for free however, many people liken it to getting blood out of a stone However, it is actually possible to get money for free from casinos. With many online casinos now offering a variety of deposit bonuses and rakeback deals, players can now benefit from free poker money. The only catch is that it normally requires an initial investment.

Free Poker Bonuses Nearly every online poker room offers some type of online deposit bonus. These normally come as a percentage based on a player's first deposit and they have an initial limit.

For example: 100% up to $100.

This is free money being given to players by the casino. Normally, there are fulfilment requirements set to ensure that savvy players do not simply sign up and withdraw straightaway. Usually this involves requiring players to play a certain amount of hands before they can withdraw funds.