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Poker has always attracted a diverse range of fans and with online poker reaching global popularity there are a great many people looking for ways to learn how to play poker.

Essentially, most people looking to learn to play poker online are actually looking for Texas Hold'em instruction. That's because this is now the most popular variation of the game and it has a huge online following. While learning to play poker is these days relatively straightforward, mastering the game can take significant time. However, thanks to numerous online resources, it is now relatively easy to learn to play poker for free.

Poker Strategy Basic poker strategy is an important concept when learning to play poker, as the game of Hold'em and any variation of poker is a game of skill. Hand rankings and positional play are important skills to master so players can start to benefit from knowing exactly what cards to fold.

It is said a good poker player will ditch over 70 percent of his cards. Typically, newer players to the game do the opposite as they fail to learn the basics and just jump straight into the game.

When it comes to learning to play poker, many casinos offer play-money games. These are great ways to learn to play poker online free. But in teaching more advanced strategy they are not that effective due to the fact that the money is not actually real.

Quick Terminology

Poker, like many casino games has its own proprietary jargon. For new players it can initially be intimidating, but in order to learn how to play, poker players must understand the various basic terms.