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The simple game of poker seems to have been transformed into a worldwide revolution of intricate game play and strategic values which go over many people’s heads. With poker available in various forms on the internet, technology has taken over in a very big way.

There is a wealth of poker software available to every player to enhance their game or to pick up new tips and strategies. For new players you can download many tools which can teach you how to play and how to enhance your game.

Some players use a poker calculator which is a very effective piece of poker software. You can program it to the way you play your game and it will gauge your hand and help you to make certain decisions on specific cards in play. This can make quite a difference on your total outlook of every card dealt and the odds of winning the pot.

Another excellent piece of poker software is the poker tracker. This offers you your total play history and keeps you up to date with every hand you have played. Poker Spy, for instance, has received rave reviews and many players have said it has improved their game tenfold. It has helped with concentration and made their initial game play much sharper.

The poker crusher is becoming very popular with serious players. This poker software enables players to assess each player at the table. It can give you information such as past performances which can be very beneficial to your game. It places everyone you play with in categories, from the best player to the absolute novices.

Any poker player online will always be seeking a way to make their game just that little bit better. If technology can help you then use it. Move with the times and improve your game.