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For many years the game of poker has been played in every casino all over the world. People would travel to their local casino and sit at the poker table for a limited amount of time and play a few hands.

Today it is possible to buy poker tables of all shapes and sizes for use in your home or anywhere you choose. They start with a basic poker table cloth which sits upon your own piece of furniture. These are marked in the same way and simply fold up when not in use.

For a slightly more professional feel there is the four fold poker table top, this also sits upon your own table but has chip and cup holders. It is one of the most popular on the market at the moment, mainly for its easy use and storage capabilities. It simply folds in four places and fits into a very small space.

There are a range of static poker tables for those with a little more space. These types have a very elegant feel to them and make for some very authentic games. Some do have fold away legs but the latest Texas Hold 'Em tables offer every player that casino feel. They come with padded surrounds and stainless steel cup holders. They can seat up to ten players comfortably and come in a range of colors.

Poker tables have come a long way over the years and with such a wide variety of home versions everyone can enjoy a session at their very own poker table. For sheer authenticity these styles cannot be beaten they are very sturdy and can make every hand you play an experience.