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For many years now the poker tournament has dominated many casinos around the world. Players from every nationality would be seated at the table, ready to pit their wits against some of the best players around. The poker tournament became a televised event, gaining an ever-bigger audiences, and soon every country had regional and national games.

Poker tournaments are held worldwide and the players are whittled down until the qualifying number of people has been reached. The winning poker players then sit at the final table where it is a case of winner take all.

As technology progressed, online poker tournaments were introduced and numbers for games grew with every competition. The standard poker tournament has reached new heights of popularity and now anyone with a computer can become part of the poker machine.

Online poker tournaments work in almost exactly the same way as land based competitions, but one important difference is that you never have to leave the house. The game is the same, with the rules laid out as they would be in any other tournament with a few exceptions.

In a physical competition you are face-to-face with your competitors. This means strategic play and using the all important poker face is essential. Playing online, however, is different as it is just you and a computer screen. Therefore, when playing online, knowing someone is bluffing can be decidedly more difficult.

There is no intimidating banter amongst players or searching for “tells." It is just player versus player without any kind of distractions. Many players say that these online poker tournaments are their firm favorite because they just let players get on with the game in hand. Players can play their own game without having to deal with the stress of sitting at a real poker table.