Stud 8

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Also called Stud Eight or Better, is the "E" in HORSE. It is played the same way Stud high is played, with two cards down/one up on the deal, then four three rounds of cards , one for each player face up, and the last card down. The players ante before the flop, the low card has to make a forced bet called a Bring-In. The player wins who shows down the highest standard poker hand, from high card, up to a Straight Flush.

Splitting the Pot: The winning high will have to split the pot with another player if they have a "qualified" low hand. They must have five unpaired cards with no card higher than an 8. The worst low hand that can win is: 87654. The best low hand, the same as in Razz is 5432A, called a "wheel."

The best outcome is to scoop the pot, which means taking the high and the low with no ties.

Where to Play

This game is spread by itself on Poker Stars and Full Tilt and is part of all sites where they spread HORSE.